Freda Amoako

The city of Rotterdam is vibrant and yet serene.

Freda Amoako

LL.M. Student Maritime and Transport Law 2019-2020

I am Freda Amoako. I come from Ghana in West Africa. When I decided to pursue an LL.M. programme, I looked for a programme that was both challenging and practical to the core. Maritime and Transport Law was an easy choice because I was aware how the maritime and transport industry affects various facets of the world’s economies. For me, choosing to study Maritime and Transport Law was a sure way of staying relevant in my practice as a lawyer.

The programme began with Research and Writing Skills and I was overwhelmed with the ton of work and group assignments. However, it turned out to be fun, especially through the group assignments as I made new friends. I particularly enjoyed the moot court competition. I thought it was a great way of practicing what had been taught in class. The programme is taught in a practical way. This is particularly evident in the several assignments and workshops that are included in the programme. It is a lot of hard work! If you are looking for a programme that is merely theoretical then pursuing an LL.M. in Maritime and Transport Law at Erasmus School of Law is probably not the way to go. However, if your goal is to gain practical and theoretical knowledge in your LL.M programme., then this is the master for you!

For someone who was coming from very far away, I was anxious about how easy or difficult it would be to adjust to my new environment. Adjusting to the new environment turned out to be easier than anticipated. The relationship between students and lecturers didn’t end in the classroom. I could send emails to my lecturers and get a response. To me that was impressive! The city of Rotterdam is vibrant and yet serene. It has interesting places to visit. It was always great for my friends and me whenever we took walks to relieve the stress after exams.

The COVID-19 pandemic came with challenges and I had my fears concerning the possibility of not being able to graduate due to measures put in place by the Dutch government. It turned out there was nothing to fear because the programme continued as scheduled, only now online.My regret is not having enough time to study the Dutch language. I think it would be awesome if some basic Dutch was included in the programme.

Nevertheless, I am glad I made the decision to study at Erasmus School of Law. In the end, I am positive I will leave the university with so many attributes I didn’t think was possible with university education.

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