Ottavia Raschi

I learned that you cannot survive in a Dutch city without a bike

Ottavia Raschi

LL.M. student Maritime and Transport Law 2016-2017

‘Goedemorgen allemaal’ (Dutch for: Good morning, everybody!). I am Ottavia, a 26-year-old student from Italy, who is currently enrolled in one of the unique LL.M. programmes offered at Erasmus School of Law in Rotterdam.

After graduating in law in my country of origin, I started working as a trainee lawyer. I coincidentally ended up in in Genoa, in one of Italy’s most internationally orientated Maritime law firms. My work experience there motivated me to pursue a master’s degree in Maritime Law in the city where Europe’s most important port is located: Rotterdam!

If I could name one place to obtain a master in Maritime Law, it would be Erasmus School of Law. You will not only study the theories on which Maritime and Transport law are based, but you will also gain a practical insight into how they apply. Moreover, because of the organisation of monthly visits to different companies, you get the chance to visit the harbour’s business leaders. During my year at Erasmus University, I developed a special interest in Transport Law, and I see myself working as a claim handler in the near future.

As well as studying and visiting several companies, I am active as a volunteer for the Yearbook Committee. Together with LL.M. students from the Company and Commercial Law and International and European Union Law programmes, I am responsible for publishing the Yearbook 2016-2017. It has been a great opportunity to work on this project with other students. I have the chance to conduct interviews with prominent professors, to develop my creative writing, and to improve essential skills such as time-management and teamwork.

I have one final tip for international students: I learned that you cannot survive in a Dutch city without a bike… So actually I would change the Beatles lyrical line ‘All you need is love’ to  ‘…a bike is all you need’.

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