Faculty Colloquium VII


woensdag, 4 mrt 2020, 17:00


woensdag, 4 mrt 2020, 18:30


Michael Hampe will present a paper on "The Concept of Human Nature" during this Faculty Colloquium. 


Part of philosophical literature is concerned with the “improvement” of human beings. One way to talk about this refers to a first and a second nature of humans. In this talk we will look at the concept of human nature and ask (with Maria Kronfeldner): What is left of human nature? Than Kronfeldner´s insights will be applied onto John Dewey`s pragmatist project in his “Human Nature and Conduct” from 1922, which includes a theory of habit. The question will be: What is left of the pragmatist goal to improve the human condition?

Michael Hampe studied Philosophy, Psychology and Biology in Heidelberg and Cambridge / England. He taught at Trinity Dublin and at different German Universities before he moved to Switzerland´s ETH in 2003. He has published on the history of early modern metaphysics (esp. Spinoza and Hobbes), process philosophy and pragmatism (Whitehead, Pierce and Dewey) and the relation between Philosophy and Literature. He writes also narrative philosophy. Among his books are: "What Philosophy if for" and “Tunguska Or The End of Nature”, both with Chicago University Press (2018 and 2015). His book on happiness (in German 2009) was also translated into Dutch “Het volmaakte Leven. Vier bespiegelingen over geluk” (2011).

More information will be announced soon.