Meet the new ESPhil colleague: Byron Murphy

Due to the corona-crisis it is not possible to get to know the new colleagues of ESPhil, therefore I would like to introduce Byron Murphy in this newsletter. Byron is a PhD candidate at Erasmus School of Philosophy. We would like to welcome Byron in the ESPhil community and hope to meet him soon at the campus.

Where are you from?  

Cork - Ireland’s second biggest city and true capital, despite it not being recognised as such by anybody.  

 Where did you do your studies/What did you study? 

I started out with philosophy and psychology at University College Cork, eventually moving to Shanghai to study Chinese philosophy and political theory. Most recently I completed a master's in political science at Fudan University’s School of International Relations and Public Affairs. 

 Why did you choose Erasmus School of Philosophy to do your PhD? 

I have been following the work taking place at the Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity (DoIP) initiative for well over a year and was very interested in the prospect of joining the team. The initiative is a collaborative effort between the schools of philosophy, law and management, and when the opportunity arose to join on the philosophy/policy analysis side I jumped at it.  

 What is your research about? 

As part of the DoIP I will be working on a theoretical framework to assess inclusive urban development, which I hope to apply to several European cities currently undergoing regeneration projects. I will also be contributing to the Sino-Dutch Wise Waste collaborative project with my DoIP colleagues.  

 What are your expectations of the PhD? 

I very much hope to make a tangible contribution to the incredibly exciting work happening at DoIP and at ESPhil, and in the process experience more of this lovely country and the people within!

 What are your first impressions of the Erasmus University and the city Rotterdam? 

Nothing but good things so far. Everyone has been incredibly nice and welcoming (almost suspiciously so), and I am very excited to see more of the campus and the city when the public health situation improves. I had hoped to escape Irish weather, but it seems to have followed me here. Please accept my apologies.