The Structure of Reality and the Reality of Structure

The Structure of Reality

The most general features and principles, and the conceptual frameworks to discuss the most general features and principles of reality form the subject for metaphysics as well as for physics, our most general science. The current VICI programme The Structure of Reality and the Reality of Structure explores the idea whether the fundamental constituents of physical reality are structures rather than objects, and is a programme covering metaphysics and philosophy of science, specifically philosophy of physics and of mathematics. 

One challenge is to give an account of the preservation of knowledge of physics over so-called scientific revolutions, contra Kuhn’s famous idea that revolutions ‘change everything’, and demonstrate that this preserved knowledge concerns the structure of reality, not its nature. Another challenge is to construct a theory about structures generally, where the concept of structure is primitive, and to apply it to physics and mathematics. Metaphysical consequences of a structuralist ontology are being explored.