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Erasmus School of Philosophy-Research

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Our aim is to develop thought-provoking philosophical perspectives on contemporary global challenges, combining academic excellence with engaged scholarship, building on a range of philosophical approaches and seeking collaboration with other disciplines as well as with societal actors.

Our research aspires to be internationally leading and to push the boundaries of philosophical thinking, actively seeking close collaborations with researchers from other fields. We actively contribute to EUR Research Initiatives, Strategy 2024 and Convergence with ErasmusMC and TU Delft. In many areas of research, methodologies are changing, as research aspires to become more collaborative, inclusive and interactive, more sensitive to societal expectations and concerns, and better equipped to effectively address urgent and complex societal challenges. We are eager to address methodological, ethical and integrity challenges that arise from this in close collaboration with colleagues from other fields. Our research combines a focus on academic excellence with a strong commitment to collaborative interdisciplinary work, both nationally and internationally. Last but not least, we aim to provide an excellent research environment and training program for early stage researchers.

Research themes

The Structure of Science and Reality

Research projects

Erasmus of Rotterdam Research Centre

Depoliticization and the Public Interest

Comenius Leadership Fellow Grant

Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity

Inequality against Freedom

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