Additional information


  • Please make sure that the documents you attach are of acceptable quality.
  • Please make sure that one document takes up no more than one file.
  • Please note that if the original documents are in a language other than English, Dutch, French or German you need to provide both the copies of originals as well as official (certified) translations. Self-made translations will not be accepted.


  • Please make sure that in the course of your application you provide us with all information necessary to proceed to admission and eventually to enrollment. This includes your nationality (or nationalities) and residence statuses. Upload evidence thereof in the section of ID/passport. Please mention your EU nationality (if applicable) as your first nationality in the application process.

Course registration

  • Please make sure that you fill out the course registration during your online application. Registration for courses is mandatory. There will be an add and drop period up until one  month before the beginning of the semester and a drop period in the first week of each course but in order to make sure you have a spot we strongly advise you to carefully onsider your choice already now. Add and drop is not always quick, easy or possible. A short description about the types of courses that are available to you as a bachelor exchange student can be found here. The list of courses, links to course descriptions, study load and rough planning of the courses offered at our faculty can be found here. Please be aware of the fact that there are different academic terms/ semesters/ blocks at different faculties – in case you choose to follow a course outside ESSB. Take this into account when planning your courses.

Course description

  • For some psychology courses the Department of Psychology will have to give you an additional approval based on your background in psychology. In order to prove your background in psychology you are asked to upload the course descriptions of the statistics course(s) and relevant psychology courses that you have completed. For some international students the term "course description" is unclear though. It is also called "syllabus" in other countries and it contains an extensive description of the content and purpose of the course including literature lists and learning outlines. Here you can find an example of what we call a ''course description". Please make use of this example when providing your course descriptions.

Submitting application

  • Please make sure your application is submitted correctly. Your application is deemed submitted when you receive an automatic notification within 10 minutes after pressing “Submit”. You might want to check the “Spam” folder to make sure it happened. In case you have not received a notification, it means that the application was not submitted properly or filled out as requested.