By bike to the Erasmus University

Erasmus University Rotterdam is within easy reach by bicycle. On campus Woudestein bicycles can be parked at almost every building. There are public cycle sheds and lockable ones.

Please note that EUR is not liable for theft or destruction of bicycles.
Because of safety regulations bicycles are not allowed to be placed in the buildings.

Location bicycle sheds

In the four public bicycle sheds can be parked for free:

  • At the tennis courts.
  • In two places between the T-and L-building (Tinbergen Plaza).
  • In the Mandeville-building.

There are three lockable bicycle sheds for employees:

  • At the tennis courts.
  • Between the T-building and building-L (Tinbergen Plaza).
  • Behind the T-building.
    A part of the bicycle in the T-building for employees of external companies.
    These lockable bicycle storage facilities are accessible to them with a pass.

All bicycle are accessible during regular hours Woudestein campus.

Applications access pass lockable bicycle

As an employee, you get access to the lockable bicycle sheds with a pass. In order to get a pass you have to send a request to security service (W-building), phone (010) 408 1035.

Whether or not one is applicable to get a pass depends on the number of available spots.
For access to the bicycle sheds you do not have to pay a deposit fee. In case of loss, theft or damage to the card you pay € 11.50 administration fee for a new pass.

Flat tire?

Material to make repairs can be picked up for free at the security office (W-Building) or you can phone (010) 408 1035. At EFB Servicedesks bicycle pumps are available.

If you cannot repair your bicycle yourself, please contact for repairs on campus!

Don't get fined!

On campus Woudestein there are some specific rules for parking (motor) bikes and mopeds. They may only be parked within the designated areas.

The security employee will monitor whether or not one complies to the rule. A (motor)bicycle or moped outside the designated area will get a clamp or will be removed if necessary.

Bicycles and mopeds are chained if they are

  • Obstructing entrances or exits.

  • In areas where they may cause danger or nuisance.

The fee for removing the clamp is € 7.50. This compensation fee is payable at the porter's lodge (W-building) near the main entrance. You can contact Security Services via or phone (010) 408 1035.

If a bicycle is not claimed within 14 days, bicycles and mopeds are regarded as abandoned goods and may be handed over to the police.