Where to go with what issue?

Issue related to:

Person/body to contact

Course schedule, exams, registration for exams Office of Student and Educational Affairs (OSEA)

Study progress difficulties/ delay in studies and (learning) problems/ residence permit extension

Study Advisor

Questions related to study abroad of incoming or outgoing exchange students of Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

International Office ESSB

The structure and content of the programme in context of objectives and final attainment levels

Student representative of Educational

Committee (Opleidingscommissie). 

Rules and regulations OER / Teaching and Examination Regulations & Rules and Regulations

Requests and appeals to rules and regulations as mentioned in Teaching and Examination Regulations & Rules and Regulations

Examination Board 

You will not be able to attend a lecture for a legitimate reason

The lecturer of the course: inform beforehand!
Thesis Your thesis supervisor
Support for computer facilities

ICT Service Desk

Email: servicedesk@remove-this.ict.eur.nl

Your registration at the university, payment of the tuition fees, ERNA account and your student card

Erasmus Student Service Center (ESSC)
Desk: E-building lobby

Website: ww.eur.nl/essc

Your residence permit and/or visa Immigration Desk

All practical issues an international student may encounter (such as issues with your rent, bike, practicalities, phone cards, discounts Erasmus Sports, etc.)

Erasmus Student Network (ESN)
Desk: N1-13

E-mail: secretary@remove-this.esn-rotterdam.nl

Prayer area N-building
Psychological issues University Psychologist

Advice, assistance and information regarding personal affairs (e.g., illness, family matters), practical issues (e.g. housing, student grants and loans)

Student Counsellor

Personal appointments with career adviser  over courses & workshops, informational content about working in the Netherlands,  where to find a job and student societies and campus events are presented

Career advice

Harassment (sexual or otherwise); aggressive behaviour and/or violence; teasing, stalking, unequal treatment

Confidential Counsellor
Studying with a functional impairment Studying with a functional impairment
Legal position as student Legal position as student
Health and medical problems (such as information on GP's) Health advise
External legal advice Juridisch Loket
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