Research Projects

Pedagogy and Education

Funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO):

  • Investing in Thinking Pays Good Interest: Improving Critical Thinking Skills of Students and Teachers in Higher Professional Education (NRO-NWO)
  • It’s about time: Transactional relations between early adolescent antisocial behaviors, personality characteristics, and parenting behaviors within and across time-scales (VENI)
  • Parental involvement in early childhood education: dealing with diverse parental groups and promoting sustainability (NRO-PPO)
  • Professional learning communities in pre-vocational secondary schools: effects of interdependency on differentiated teaching (NRO-PROO)
  • Promoting reading motivation: a systematic review of interventions, and a meta-analysis of effectiveness (NRO-OPRO)
  • Test-enhanced learning of texts (NWO-PROO)
  • Understanding the effects of schools on students’ citizenship (NRO-PROO)

Funded by Raak-pro:

  • Applied research into the development and effects of multi-method coaching of teachers with students with behavioral and emotional problems in primary education and adoption and implementation of this methodology in education and teacher training (RAAK-PRO)

Other research projects:

  • Child testing in multi-ethnic settings
  • Children with Down syndrome in regular inclusive education (applied and experimental studies)
  • Citizenship education and diversity
  • Comparison of methods to estimate true knowledge scores in a higher education context
  • Development in the pre- and primary and secondary school years (0-18 years).
  • Early predictors of first-year academic success at university: Pre-university effort, pre-university self-efficacy, and pre- university reasons for attending university
  • Educational governance and school quality
  • Educational transitions in urban settings
  • Effective instructional design for the teaching and transfer of critical thinking skills
  • Effectiveness and efficiency in higher education
  • Effectiveness and implementation of a family literacy intervention for at-risk kindergarteners
  • Effectiveness of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) based interventions on challenging behaviours of children with Autism
  • Effectiveness of reciprocal teaching on low achieving adolescents’ reading comprehension
  • Effectiveness of Simple Steps, a multi-media tool for parents of a child with ASD
  • Effectiveness of Synchronic Image Coaching on teacher-pupil interactions
  • Effects of marital problems on (mal)adaptation and the mediating role of triadic family functioning 
  • The Efficacy of Tumor Vaccines and Cellular Immunotherapies in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
  • Evidence-based effectiveness of environmental bedding interventions for treatment of mite allergic asthma
  • Medical communication skills training IBS for residents
  • Meta-analysis of Reading Motivation Interventions
  • Meta-analysis of Reading Strategy Interventions
  • Multimedia effects and expertise
  • Neurobiological underpinnings of maternal sensitivity and quality of attachment
  • Parental sensitivity and oxytocin
  • Parenting capacity of mothers with a severe mental illness
  • Parenting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (intervention studies)
  • Predictors and outcomes of mother-child bed-sharing activities
  • Psychometric evaluation of combining tests in a higher education context 
  • Registered Replication Report
  • The relationship between academic performance, behavior and student characteristics under a renewed testing system
  • Intuition and cooperative decision making