Jiwhan Kim

Current facets (Pre-Master)

My thesis:
Supplier Involvement Strategies in Environmentally Friendly Product Development: Portfolio Approach

This study elaborates the portfolio matrix as a decision-making model for establishing supplier involvement strategies in environmentally friendly product development, based on the theoretical foundations of the supply chain management and ecodesign strategy.

The portfolio matrix shows four strategies for supplier involvement in environmentally friendly product development, which are dependent on the direction of environmentally friendly product development and the contribution of supplier input.

These strategies would be used as a useful tool to support the decision-making process, which was defined as a core competence of a firm.

My activities

I'm working for Samsung global environment research center as a chief researcher, take charge of study for corporate environment management practices. Recently, I finished successfully a project for establishing green procurement system in Samsung group companies. In the project, I play a role as a coodinator for planning and enforcing business.