Ilias Filipakopoulos

Current facets (Pre-Master)

My thesis

The objective of the study is: Identification and examination of the reasons for the low economic and environmental performance of Greece and of the Greek Industry, within the current societal and governmental structure. Assessment of the policies and societal changes needed to improve the double performance in the light of continuing European Integration.

The basic conclusion of the theoretical part of the study is that in order to achieve national industrial development and competitiveness, based on Porter's theory, a country must ensure a
co-ordinates action between three poles: First, a national integrity system, second the society's participation in the new policy, third, the industry, for "doing more with less", by taking advantage of the Porter's theory four determinants of competitiveness.

The basic conclusion of the empirical part of the study is that Greece, while possess two significant competitive advantages (natural and human resources), faces significant obstacles on the way of achieving real convergence with the European Union Economies, which is a prerequisite for the country's sustainable development. The study proposes a strategy for a competitive Greek Economy and an industrial sustainable development.

My current affiliations

  • Consultant Engineer of Greek Technical Companies working in Balkan countries on projects funded by the European Union.
  • Chief of Staff/scientific advisor of the Greek Minister of Merchant Marine
Ilias Filipakopoulos: My Thesis