Contact information and registration

Current facets (Pre-Master)

Contact information and registration

Registration in 2015/2016

To register in 2015/2016, you must send us a completed application form. Together with this form, you need to send us:

  1. legalized (certified) copies of your diplomas and transcripts, a curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation and a list of publications if available. If these diplomas and/or transcripts are issued in another language than English, French or German, an official translation is required as well.

  2. A document outlining the research topic and approach as you envision it for your PhD. trajectory.

After receiving your application, an evaluation will be made of your documents. Documents under 1. will be sent for advice to the Dutch Organization for International Cooperation in High-Level Education (NUFFIC). Their advice is included in the decision-making procedure of the Examination Committee of Erasmus University. After having obtained the approval of this committee, a statement is issued by the Executive Board of the Erasmus University, stating that the educational history and practical experience of the candidate is equivalent to the Dutch Master title. With this statement, the candidate can enter the PhD. Program. With the application form, more extensive information on the conditions is provided.

The document described under 2. Will be assessed by the academic board of the program. Their acceptance of the research description is required for your admission into the program.

The tuition fee is € 11.500,-- for the academic year 2015//2016. The fee is adapted to the inflation rate each year and might still change a little. The fee is charged during the first three years. After those three years you will be charged the standard Dutch college fee, which will be around € 1906,00

Registration procedure for the 2015/2016 Program

The PhD Program on Environmental Management, Cleaner Production & Sustainability has started formally in October 1995. The PhD program is currently in a mature phase. twentyfive PhD candidates have defended their thesis. Over twenty PhD candidates from all over the world are now in the program to reach that milestone.
The venue is located in Rotterdam at the campus of the Erasmus University, The Netherlands. The Dutch Organization for International Co-operation in High-Level Education (NUFFIC) advises in the PhD candidate acceptance procedure. For being sure about the formal acceptance, we advise to register before 1 May 2015.

Additional application forms can be obtained from:

International PhD Program in Cleaner Production, Cleaner Products, Industrial Ecology & Sustainability
Erasmus University Rotterdam, ESSB, T17-12
P.O. Box 1738,
3000 DR Rotterdam,
The Netherlands
T +31 10 408 2146
F +31 10 408 9099
Or send an email message with your postal address to the secretary: (Ms Yneke Steegstra) or to the director/coordinator: Prof. dr. Wim Hafkamp 


Rotterdam, May 2015