Onderwijs- en Ontwikkelingspsychologie

Educational and Developmental Psychology

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Remy Rikers
This group studies changes in human behavour from birth until death that occur as a function of natural development and education. Research with an emphasis on developmental psychology focuses on three topics:

  1. factors during and after pregnancy that influence children’s health (Generation R-project in collaboration with Erasmus MC),
  2. learning and attention disorders in children and adults (in particular ADHD), and
  3. psychosocial development of persons with severe physical health problems (such a heart failure).

Research with a primarily educational character focuses on two topics:

  1. development of expertise (in particular medical expertise), and
  2. the possibilities and limitations of the use of information and communication technology in educational settings.

A variety of research methods is used to study these topics, including behavioural cognitive tasks (reaction time measurements and eye movements) and psychophysiological measurements such as variations in heart rhythms and EEG.