• BRANDSUS focuses on the study of inclusive governance arrangements for sustainable place development responding to calls for more holistic models of regional development in the European Union following the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including economic social and environmental sustainability.

    Contactperson EUR: Dr. Laura Ripoll Gonzalez, Prof. dr. Erik Hans Klijn,Dr. ir. Jasper Eshuis

  • Imiscoe


    IMISCOE is the largest European network of scholars in the area of migration and integration. The focus is on comparative research and publications, in the IMISCOE book series as well as in the journal CMS. The annual IMISCOE conferences is a key-moment in the agendas of most migration scholars in Europe. IMISCOE brings together 51 European institutes and over 700 scholars from all over the world.Currently, the Erasmus University Rotterdam – Department of Social Sciences fulfils the role of Coordinator of IMISCOE. IMISCOE is led by Peter Scholten as coordinator.

    IMISCOE network of excellence (Immigration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe)

    Contactperson EUR: Warda Belabas, Peter Scholten



    In het onderzoeksprogramma RePolis bestuderen we deze initiatieven vanuit een bestuurskundig oogpunt en onderzoeken we hoe deze bijdragen aan het probleemoplossend vermogen van de samenleving. Daarbij voeren we vergelijkend onderzoek uit tussen diverse domeinen binnen Nederland (zorg, water, energie en wijkontwikkeling) en tussen verschillende landen.

    RePolis - Het organiserend vermogen van burgerinitiatieven

    Programmamanager EUR: Prof. dr. Arwin van Buuren


  • The overall objective of BEGIN is to demonstrate at target sites how cities can improve climate resilience with Blue Green Infrastructure involving stakeholders in a value-based decision- making process to overcome its current implementation barriers.

    BEGIN - Blue Green Infrastructures through Social Innovation

    Contactpersons EUR: Dr. Jannes Willems & prof. dr. Arwin van Buuren



    TROPICO is an international research consortium investigating how public administrations are transformed to enhance collaboration in policy design and service delivery, advancing the participation of public, private and societal actors. It will analyse collaboration in and by governments, with a special emphasis on the use of information and communication technologies (ICT), and its consequences from a comparative perspective.

    TROPICO - Transforming into Open, Innovative and Collaborative Governments

    Contactpersons EUR: Prof. dr. Erik Hans Klijn & dr. Vidar Stevens 



    In this research program various forms of public-private (and societal) partnerships are studied. The focus is on innovative role division between the actors and clever new governance mechanisms (smart governance-practices) that are being developed and employed to improve the functioning of the partnerships.

    The program is financed through the Smart Governance Research Fund of the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) and has several co-financing organizations (NSOB, RebelGroup, Twynstra Gudde, ResetManagement and Deltares).

    Governance for Smartening Public Private Partnerships

    Contactpersons EUR: Prof. dr. Joop Koppenjan & prof. dr. Erik Hans Klijn


  • ReSOMA aims at the creation of a Research-Social Platform on Migration & Asylum, seeking to initiate dialogues on research and social innovation with key stakeholders from the local, national and EU level. The project runs from 2018 tot 2020. For more info: see www.resoma.eu

    Contactpersons EUR: Prof. dr. Peter Scholten & dr. Zeynep Kasli

  • CROSS-MIGRATION aims to promote knowledge integration in the field of migration studies. It will focus on a number of key knowledge questions around migration flows, drivers and infrastructures, and the interaction between these flows/drivers/infrastructures and policies. The project has 15 institutional partners from all over Europe, and will be associated to IMISCOE. More information, see www.crossmigration.eu or www.migrationresearch.com 

    Contactpersons EUR: Prof. dr. Peter Scholtendr. Asya Pisarevskaya & Nathan Levy

  • European Project led by GCU on the rol of volunteering in migrant integration. Project funded under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

    See for more information http://www.volpower.eu/

    Contactpersons EUR: Prof. dr. Peter Scholten, Ilona van Breugel



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