dr. (Sander) A.S. Quak

(external) researcher Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Department of Public Administration and Sociology (DPAS).
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Latest academic publication

A.S. Quak, J. Heilbron & J. Meijer (2014). The Rise and Spread of Sustainable Investing in the Netherlands. Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment, 4 (3), 249-265. doi: 10.1080/20430795.2014.928999

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Sander Quak (1981) studied business administration (2004) and sociology (2005) at Erasmus University Rotterdam before starting on his doctoral dissertation at the Sociology department of the same university. As part of this study he analyzed the consequences of the transnational restructuring of large firms for their corporate labor policy. After briefly working as a lecturer and policy researcher, he finished (2012) his doctoral dissertation ‘Transnational Firms and Their Corporate Labor Policy. Case studies on Philips and ING in the Netherlands and the United States, 1980-2010’. Currently, he works as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Erasmus Center for Economic Sociology (ECES) on a project entitled ‘The Value of Vaccines in the Eye of the Beholder’ (2012-2014). As part of this project he conducted studies on the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the use of rankings as a coordination device in global health governance, and the incorporation of sustainability issues in the investment models of private and institutional investors (see also Vaccine). His research interests are primarily in the field of economic sociology, the sociology of labor, and welfare states. He has a special interest in the sociology of markets and firms.

  • (external) researcher

    Erasmus University Rotterdam
    Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences
    Department of Public Administration and Sociology (DPAS).
    The Netherlands


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Burg. Oudlaan 50 3062 PA Rotterdam

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Postbus 1738 3000 DR Rotterdam