Internationalisation of Education

The Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) has an internationalisation programme in place that specifically aims to develop and strengthen the existing international character of its facilities as well as its research and educational programmes. The Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) aims to:

  • Become a world class internationally driven university by 2018;
  • Integrate the institution and its key stakeholders – students, faculty and staff – into a globalizing world;
  • Realize an environment that enables students to develop into global citizens to make a difference across the globe.

To contribute to the realisation of this aim, the Strategic Programme Internationalisation of Education has been formed. With the help of a EUR-wide ‘Advisory Committee for Internationalisation of Education’ (ACIE), a wide range of subjects have been identified in which projects will be developed that will contribute to the Internationalisation of Education at the EUR.

There are currently seven projects in the field of internationalisation:

In addition to these projects there are various ongoing projects and event; we keep you posted about this through 'News & Events'.


As Special Advisor Internationalisation of Education to the Executive Board, Prof. Dr. Ellen Hey also functions as chair of the Advisory Committee for the Internationalisation of Education (ACIE).

Programme Management
The overall coordination and support of the projects within the programme is in the hands of the programme managers, Marjo Gallé and Gwen de Bruin. They are in charge of monitoring the implementation of the individual projects. Marjo Gallé is also secretary of the Advisory Committee for the Internationalisation of Education (ACIE).

Project Leaders
Project leaders are responsible for the execution of the ambitions of the project. Their responsibility lies in the delivery of the products in accordance with the predefined quality requirements and restrictions (time and money). Review the separate projects to see each project leader involved.

Contact Details

Special Advisor Internationalisation of
Education to the Executive Board

Prof. Dr. Ellen Hey
Tel: 408 2677
Room: M5-14

Programme Management
Marjo Gallé
Tel: 408 9634
Room: A1-49


Gwen de Bruin

Tel: 408 82347

Room: A1-49