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Whether you are a (prospective) student, guide, crew member, or company, on this page you can find all information about the Eurekaweek. 

Eurekaweek Tickets

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to sign up for the Eurekaweek 2017. Even though the capacity was greatly expanded this year, the maximum amount of 3200 participants has already been reached.

The fact we can’t allow more participants has to do with the capacity of our program: events like the opening in De Doelen and the dinner locations have limited number of spots available. It's not possible to change this at short notice. Even though this won’t help you as a student, we will do our best to increase the capacity again next year.

What to do now? Leave your name here, so we can contact you in case current participants cancel their ticket. (Please note: it's only possible to cancel a ticket until August 1st).

Apart from that, we encourage everyone to join the introduction of your own faculty and/or the ESN Introduction Days for international students (read here). Lastly, you can buy a separate ticket for the Cantus, one of the best events of the Eurekaweek! Read more below.

The Eurekaweek Committee 2017 


Enjoy the famous Eurekaweek Cantus with your friends friends! Buy your tickets here! (EUR students only)

Please note: if you already have a ticket for Eurekaweek 2017, you do NOT need to buy an extra ticket for the Cantus! The Cantus ticket is included in your overall ticket for the week. 

Eurekaweek Board 2018 

We are looking for the Eurekaweek Board 2018! Do you have what it takes to make the Eurekaweek 2018 an even bigger success than we are doing this year? Apply now! The Eurekaweek 2018 will take place from August 20th untill August 23rd. For more information; click here.

Please note: you have to be proficient in Dutch.

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