Maritime Law & Logistics beyond 2020

woensdag 3 jul 2019, 10:00 - 17:00
Theil Building
Campus Woudestein
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We are proud to invite all partners on the 3rd of July to a fascinating day seminar on Maritime Law & Logistics beyond 2020, with presentations by leading figures in the maritime industry.

While at first, the 2020 timeframe might seem excessively limited, the enormous changes that currently affect the logistics industry make longer predictions very challenging. Indeed, these new developments have arisen a number of questions:

  • What will be the evolution of unmanned transport and platooning?
  • Will blockchains and data pipelines influence data exchange?
  • Will the trend of platformisation and cooperation continue, and what will be its effects on the supply chain?
  • How will environmental and political developments change the logistic cluster?
  • What role will standardization and uniform law play in the industry?
  • What are the legal risks created by these innovations?

In this seminar, key figures from both academia and the industry will reflect on these questions, aiming to provide participants with the tools to face these challenges.


Welcome & Maritime Exchange Opening


Official Opening
Reinier van Campen – Chair of the Day


Marjolein van Noort – Future of Short Sea & Challenges


Jorn Douwstra “Rotterdam: The Maritime Capital of Europe in 2025


Panel Discussion Environmental Challenges in Shipping
Panel Discussion - Environmental implications (Arne Hubregtse, Mark Kruidenier & Jeroen Dudley-Owen)


Unmanned shipping
Johan Haan & Erwin van Geyte


Lunch (sponsored by Spliethoff Group)


BIMCO Strategy
Søren Larsen


Workshop on New BIMCO Documents - Grant Hunter & Frank Stevens
Workshop on One Belt One Road (OBOR) Initiative - Pieter de Waard


Future of Maritime Logistics & Law
Academic Reflection by Associate Professor Ashok Pandey


Workshop BlockChain - Sally-Ann Underhill & Philip Thomas
Workshop Platformisation - Wouter Verheyen

16.30Panel Discussion - Challenges & Opportunities in Shipping - Frans van Zoelen, Han van Blanken & Frank Smeele


Sponsored by RMC

Han van Blanken

Chair of the Dutch Shipbrokers Association (NZS)
Reinier van Campen LL.M.

Partner at Wiersma Mensonides Lawyers, alumnus Erasmus University School of Law, member of the International Bar Association (IBA), specialist in Insurance- and Transport law, Secretary of the Dutch Transport Law Association and President of the Dutch Association for Transport law Lawyers

Jorn Douwstra

Business Manager Maritime Foreign Investments Rotterdam Maritime Capital (RMC)

Jeroen Dudley-OwenCommercial trading, Stolt Tankers B.V.
Erwin van GeyteBroking Director Marine (AON)
Johan de HaanOperational Manager Claims (NNPC)
Arne HubregtseTechnical Director (Spliethoff Group)
Grant HunterHead of Contracts & Clauses at BIMCO
Marjolein van Noort Senior Policy Advisor of the Royal Dutch Ship Owners Association (KVNR)
Mark KruidenierBusiness Development Manager (DNV GL.)
Søren Larsen LL.M.Deputy Secretary-General at BIMCO
Dr Ashok Pandey

Dr. Ashok Pandey teaches International Maritime Business, Supply Chain Management and Ship Chartering and Port Economics at the International Maritime Business department of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, holds a PhD in Route Optimization and Risk Mitigation in Sea-Ice, researches shipping route modelling in the Arctic using GIS and the e-navigation platform and is specialized in high latitude navigation. Capt. Ashok Pandey is a former shipmaster with a sea-career spanning more than two decades most of which was spent in ice. Alumnus Erasmus University.

Prof. Frank SmeeleProfessor Commercial Law (Erasmus School of Law)
Dr Frank StevensAssociate Professor Commercial Law (Erasmus School of Law)
Philip ThomasIP Tech Lawyer, Reed Smith London
Dr Wouter VerheyenAssociate Professor Commercial Law (Erasmus School of Law)
Frans van Zoelen LL.M.

Head Legal Port Authority Rotterdam

Pieter de Waard

Corporate Strategy Port of Rotterdam

Sally-Ann UnderhillPartner at Reed Smith LLP. Sally-Ann has been shipping industry for over 25 years.

As IMLAW attracts talented students, arbitrators, scientists and maritime companies from all over the world, we like to give the industry the opportunity to present themselves to the public during the whole week of IMLAW. The Hall of the Theil Building at the Erasmus University will transform into an Exchange for Maritime Companies. In order to capture a stand, companies can register. Taking a banner, movie or brochure materials is enough to stand out this week. We have guards keeping an eye on the materials, to control the stock. On Wednesday during the seminar, we expect people in the booth during the breaks for ultimate networking experience. To register your company does not only mean you can join the Seminar on the 3rd of July but also means you can invite three employees to all events which take place this week. Being part of the Industry Exchange gives you access to the full seminar Maritime Law & Logistics beyond 2020, to the academic Conference Transport Law de lege ferenda 2019 and to the Opening on the 30 June and to the evening events from 1 July to 5 July for maximum three people.

Cost for participation


Seminar participation as a delegate - 250 Euro (per delegate). 

All week free access to the Conference and Moot Courts (upon request) are included. Access to the evening events besides 3 July is only accessible upon invitation.


4-day participation on the industry exchange - 750 Euro (per booth, 3 delegates)

The Partner Industry Package gives access to all events for 3 delegates per day. The names of the registered staff members per day need to know upon registration and details can be added in the comment box.

Students are free of charge & welcome at IMLAW day activities. Evening events are only accessible for participants and registered IMLAW delegates. Press can register for free as well. Please mention clearly “Press Delegate” and register as an IMLAW participant by clearly mentioning your role and media channel in the comment box.


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