Masterclass E-commerce by Madeleine Merkx

Madeleine Merkx

maandag 29 mrt 2021, 20:00


maandag 29 mrt 2021, 21:00

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As a consumer you order products via Ali-express and have them come to the Netherlands from China and do not pay VAT and import duties!

Why is this so and is it fair to EU suppliers of the same products? In 2021, the VAT rules for e-commerce will change in these types of situations. What are the consequences if you order a package in 2021? In this masterclass, Madeleine Merkx, professor of indirect taxation at Erasmus School of Law and Erasmus School of Economics, discusses the current and future VAT rules for e-commerce. 


After the session that lasts from 20:00 to 21:00, it will be possible to ask questions about the master Indirect taxes for an hour. Read more about / Register for Q&A