MicroLab Summer Festival


maandag 8 jul 2019, 09:30


donderdag 11 jul 2019, 15:00

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Summer is almost here! How has this academic year been for you as a teacher? Crazy busy? New courses maybe? Hopefully a lot of motivated students? Summer is often a time to reflect. What has been going well in your teaching? And what would you like to improve?

To have an inspiring start of your summer we would like invite you to the MicroLab Festival. MicroLabs are short how-to modules about specific educational issues, for example: how can I make more interactive lectures? How can I use storytelling in my course? How can I make my course more inclusive? Or how do I construct good assessments?

During the MicroLab Festival there is a whole week of all different MicroLabs in which you could partipate. Each MicroLab has a clear goal and a clear result. After an online preparation (and qualification), in the MicroLab, you start working on your own teaching materials. This means that after the MicroLab, you will have a concrete result for your own teaching.

Please feel welcome to participate and have an inspiring start of your summer. But also take into account that every MicroLab needs about 3/4 hours of preparation, therefore we would recommend to participate in at most 2 MicroLabs during the Festival.

Nice add-ons to this Festival

  • During this festival it is possible to participate in a camera training from a professional Camera trainer on Tuesday the 9th of July. This is a great preparation in case you would like to create educational videos. 

    Our camera trainer Joost Demmers will support you in acquiring good camera techniques and skills. Joost is a professional trainer and actor, with experience in theater, TV and film, commercials and corporate films. You might recognize him from various Dutch television shows and soap series. During his camera training, you will learn about body language, information on stance, the use of your voice and more.

    After the camera training, you are prepared to write or improve your own script and record your educational video! Before and after the camera training, an educational advisor from Risbo is present to demonstrate you how you could book and use the DIY studio booths to record a video.


    It is possible to follow this camera training during the MicroLab festival on the 9th of July from 14.00-15.30 or 15.30-17.00. There is a maximum of 3 participants for each time slot.

    Signing up for this camera training

    You can register for this training by contacting Risbo (training@risbo.eur.nl). For EUR lecturers there will be no costs in participating in this camera training.

    During the training, you can practice with an example script for educational videos. If you prefer to bring your own short (draft) script to practice with, please send it ligtvoet@risbo.eur.nl in advance.

  • During this festival there will also be a pilot of two new MicroLabs:

    • How to activate students in small groups (July 8th, 14:00-16:00)
    • How to make my course more inclusive (July 8th, 9:30-14:00)

    Be the first to experience these MicroLabs and sign up now by emailing training@risbo.eur.nl!


    You can find a detailed description of each MicroLab on our page under the heading 'The MicroLabs we offer'

    July 8th9:30-14:00Pilot: How to make your course more inclusiveT11-67

    Pilot: How to activate students in small groups (session 1 of 2)

    Please note that session 2 takes place on July 15th from 14:00-17:00

    Education Lab
    July 9th9:30-13:00Storytelling in Higher EducationEducation Lab
     13:30-17:30How to make your lectures interactiveEducation Lab



    Camera training

    Please note: only 2-3 people can join per time slot

    Education Lab (studio)
    July 10th10:00-12:00How to design an assessment plan and matrixEducation Lab
     13:00-15:00How to construct multiple-choice questions and examsEducation Lab
    July 11th9:30-12:00How to construct open-ended questions and rubricsEducation Lab
     13:00-15:00How to accommodate differences in prior knowledge between studentsEducation Lab

    How do I sign up?

    You can sign up for a MicroLab by sending an email to training@risbo.eur.nl. Please note that you have to be a lecturer at the Erasmus University to join. 

    We hope to see you at the MicroLab Summer Festival!