Bachelor Double Degree with Philosophy

Are you an ambitious student who is interested in exploring academic fields beyond the borders of your own programme? If yes, you might want to take up the challenge to get a second degree in philosophy.

A degree in philosophy is an excellent complement to any other degree. In the current age of uncertainty and rapidly advancing technologies knowledge of philosophical problems and skills remains relevant. This programme teaches you to express arguments clearly and to think critically and creatively. 

The Faculty of Philosophy offers a unique Double Degree programme for students who wish to obtain a second degree in philosophy. This programme is highly flexible and can be combined conveniently with other bachelor programmes offered at the Erasmus University. Once you have finished the first year of any bachelor programme at another faculty you are eligible to register for this programme. Students that have advanced beyond the first year of their main programme can also start with a second degree in philosophy.

Double Degree
The full curriculum comprises 90 ec in total, including a specialised course on the philosophy of your own academic discipline (15 ec) and with the possibility of embedding the minor (15 ec) in both bachelor programmes. You complete the philosophy programme by writing a thesis. At the end of this combined programme you will have obtained two bachelor degrees. Lectures will be held in English; exams can be taken in either Dutch or English. To prevent clashes with lectures and seminars of your current programme, all philosophy courses will be scheduled between 18.00 and 21.30 hrs.

The combined programme can be completed within four years. You can choose to either finish your first degree in three years and your Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy in the fourth year or to finish both degrees at the end of your fourth year. Other ways of combining both programmes are allowed as well. You can, for example, finish both degrees faster by taking more courses or have an extension or take a break from your philosophy programme if you wish to go on exchange.