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The Measurement of Wellbeing in Economics: Philosophical Explorations

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Can we measure wellbeing – that is, how good our lives are for us? There are a great variety of measures of wellbeing in economics and social sciences in general. Each of these, however, faces methodological problems, and all are based on different conceptions of wellbeing, which are philosophically controversial. Is there a correct answer to the question: how should we measure wellbeing? PhD-candidate at the Erasmus School of Economics and the Faculty of Philosophy Willem van der Deijl discovered that this may not be the case. On Thursday 26th of October Willem van der Deijl will defend his PhD thesis ‘The Measurement of Wellbeing in Economics: Philosophical Explorations’. Supervisors are Prof.dr. H.R. Commandeur, Prof.dr. J.J. Vromen and Prof. dr. W.B.F. Brouwer.