MA Philosophy

The Faculty of Philosophy of Erasmus University Rotterdam offers a new MA in Philosophy.

The MA Philosophy offers students the chance to study philosophy in a unique programme that actively and critically engages with the world. The programme is attractive for international and Dutch students who want to study philosophy in its relations to arts and the sciences, as well as to society and economics. It provides the Faculty’s fulltime, part-time and ‘double degree’ bachelor students with the possibility of further specialization, but also caters for qualified students from other disciplines.

The degree is structured around two tracks that have two overlapping courses, and share elective courses for all students: ‘Continental Philosophy and its History’ (CPH) and ‘Philosophy, Politics and Economics’ (PPE). The two tracks mirror the Faculty’s internationally distinguished research programmes, with each track combining insights from different perspectives in the history of Western Philosophy with current debates in the main schools of contemporary philosophy focusing on their topicality and societal relevance.

‘Continental Philosophy and its History’ (CPH).
Running parallel to the internationally acclaimed research programmes of the faculty’s Departments of the Philosophy of Man and Culture and the History of Philosophy, the CPH-track reflects their long-standing and unique expertise in Continental Philosophy. The multi-disciplinary backgrounds of its staff members and their active participation in public debates gives it its specific philosophical flavour, especially attractive for the critical and engaged citizen of tomorrow. Collaborations with local research institutes such as the Erasmus Institute for Public Knowledge, the Erasmus Centre for Early Modern Studies, and the faculty’s own Centre for Art and Philosophy make for a lively postgraduate research community.

‘Philosophy, Politics, Economics’ (PPE).
The Faculty of Philosophy hosts internationally leading research programmes in philosophy of economics, which this track relates to pressing questions in policy-making and society. Courses in this track study concepts such as fundamentalism and toleration, freedom and responsibility, cooperation and welfare, amongst others. The PPE-track is thus particularly attractive for students who want to pursue philosophy as well as economics, business studies, and other social sciences. Students can continue their studies in the internationally acclaimed Research Master in Philosophy and Economics and PhD in Philosophy of Economics programmes at the Faculty’s Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics (EIPE).

To enable all students maximum flexibility in pursuing their personal field of academic interest it will remain possible to deviate from both tracks by following a tailor made Master curriculum, be it in close consultation with the academic counsellor and only after final approval of the Board of Examiners.         


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