From purpose to impact

What impact does your organization have? How does your organization create value for society? These are the kinds of questions that can be answered when impact is measured. An increasing amount of organizations has shifted their mindset away from solely financial goals. Impact measurement has become essential, now more than ever. Impact Centre Erasmus applies, together with a diverse group of organizations, scientific knowledge and skills to gain a better handle on impact. This includes putting the importance of measuring impact on the map, performing complex impact measurement, increasing the measurement capacity and effectiveness of organizations, and advancing both the scientific and public debate on impact measurement. By combining impact thinking, measurement and management, Impact Centre Erasmus encourages organizations to not only reach their economic targets but also their sustainable and societal goals. Impact Centre Erasmus is connected to the Erasmus University Rotterdam, in specific to the Erasmus School of Economics. We conduct research for businesses, government, civil society organizations and partnerships. Furthermore, Impact Centre Erasmus offers several educational (executive) courses aimed at improving impact measurement, managing and reporting.

'Impact we trust' - Spoken Lyric by Kevin de Randamie


All businesses have an impact on society. This impact can be defined as the changes in society that can be attributed to the activities of a certain organization. Without the organization, these changes would not have happened. Impact includes both intended and unintended effects, which in turn can be either positive or negative. Organizations are increasingly being held responsible for their impact. Initially, emphasis was placed very much on unintended negative effects, such as child labor or pollution. However, companies are increasingly realizing that positive impact can be a strategy to create value (Shared Value Creation). Impact does not necessarily have to be expressed or measured in monetary value. Without proper impact measurement, the true outcome of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs or other initiatives remains unclear, and therefore impossible to strategically manage.

Within the government, there is a long tradition of measuring impact. These measurements often consist of social cost-benefit analyses, which are taken prior to decision making. They are therefore based on predictions of impact. In recent years, there has been a growing focus on the actual evaluation of the impact of government programs and policies. There is also a growing recognition, that these evaluations must reach a certain scientific level for them to yield meaningful results. Focus on so-called learning assessments is also beginning, albeit slowly, to grow. These evaluations aim not only to provide insight into the impact achieved but also to shed light on success factors and points where improvements can be made.

Civil society organizations are all pursuing a social mission. For both the implementing and donor organizations, measuring the impact of programs and projects is the only way to evaluate how far this mission has been achieved. This impact and the extent to which it has contributed to this mission is a measure of the effectiveness of these organizations.


Impact Centre Erasmus offers several (executive) educational courses and programs. Our programs focus on impact measurement, management and corporate social responsibility (CSR) among others. Below are three examples of executive education offered by Impact Centre Erasmus. Additionally, Impact Centre Erasmus offers courses on conscious business, strategy and diversity. Most of our education is done in Dutch. If you are looking for further English information or want to discuss the opportunities for education in English, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Executive Program CSR has been long established and offers executives up-to-date CSR information. The program is recognized by CSR professionals in the field. The small groups offer the opportunity for networking and personal attention. A combination of three modules can be followed, each focusing on different aspects of CSR, including ethics, management, auditing and reporting.

Impact in One Day is a special masterclass organized by Impact Centre Erasmus. In one day, the fundamentals of impact (measurement) are explained. The masterclass combines theory with practical cases. The interesting and inspiring selection of speakers have years of experience in the field. Impact in One Day is suited for everyone who wants to make a positive impact on society. The masterclass is especially suited as an in-company training, as participants can focus on the challenges and goals of their own organization.

While Impact in One Day covers the fundamentals of impact measurement, Impact Strategy Accelerator takes it a step further. In two to three days every aspect of impact measurement is discussed in-depth, focusing on topics such as Theory of Change. The theory is combined with practical cases. The program is specifically altered to your organization and your goals and challenges We can provide Impact Strategy Accelerator in English, as the program is completely customized to your organization.


If you are looking for further English information about a specific study or educational program, examples of current or completed impact studies or want to commission research into the impact of your organization or project, then please do not hesitate to contact us via or 010 - 40 81 521.