Media, Culture and Society

Master Media Studies

The age of multimedia and increased global connectivity encourage social change and renewal, transforming the ways in which people and organisations think and renewal, transforming the ways in which businesses and organisations operate in all parts of the world. 

Media represent a growing economic power, while they also have a pervasive influence on how people and organisations think and act in different contexts. The media sector has changed immensely in recent decades due to digitalisation and internationalisation, but also as a result of social, cultural, economic, and political developments.

The omnipresence of media in our society has led to a growing demand for academically trained media experts who have a firm grasp of, and who can respond to, complex developments and problems in the media sector, as well as media-related issues in society.

The Media, Culture and Society programme allows you to dive into the organisation and development of various media sectors as well as the social and cultural impacts of media.

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