Accounting and Auditing

Master Accounting, Auditing and Control

For number-crunchers who want to see beyond the facts and figures.

The Accounting and Auditing programme brings you:

  • in-depth knowledge of every aspect of accounting and auditing;
  • the skills you need to provide stakeholders with relevant and reliable information;
  • interactive and application-based courses and electives.

Erasmus School of Economics offers you:

  • all the ingredients to become a financial economic expert of the highest quality; 
  • a programme that is both nationally and internationally recognised for its high academic standards;
  • close connections to many mid-size and large auditing firms.

Talented and well-educated accountants, management consultants and auditors are in ever-increasing demand by auditing and management consulting firms, large industrial companies and financial institutions. In other words, as a graduate in Accounting and Auditing, you have a vast array of career choices. In which direction would you like to take yours?

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