Accounting and Finance

Master Accounting, Auditing and Control

Accounting and finance: the combination that will give you a headstart

Do competences like analytical, inquisitive and meticulous best describe you? Do you want to combine your knack for numbers with managerial and research skills? The Accounting and Finance programme offers you the best practice-based academic foundation for a career in accounting and finance.

This programme covers topics like Advanced IFRS, Accounting Process Management, Business Ethics and Financial Risk Management. In addition, you can select no less than two out of ten seminars with subjects ranging from corporate governance to behavioural and energy finance, followed by a thesis. By examining real-life issues, for example through empirical research, you will acquire an ‘all-round’ perspective on financial issues.

A tailored education? Rotterdam!

The Master specialisation Accounting and Finance offers you both a broad focus and the chance to match our programme to your own interests. So if you are looking for a made-to-measure academic education that’s held in highest regard in the field of finance worldwide, do join us here in Rotterdam.


At the Erasmus School of Economics, you find yourself in a city with one of the largest ports of the world, a diverse multi-ethnic community and an interesting maritime tradition. In Rotterdam, you find lots of companies, both multinationals and more local oriented, all looking for highly qualified and talented people to control their businesses. The need for management accountants, controllers and financials is high. Add our vast and active network to the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you will gain from this programme, and you know this is the place to start your career.

"This programme teaches you to explain and solve financial business issues at the same time"

Are you committed, ambitious and do you have a profound interest in business and finance? Find out how our students experience this programme at Erasmus School of Economics. See how you match.