Arts and Culture Studies

Master of Arts (MA) in Arts and Culture Studies

Do you want to become a professional in the field of arts and culture studies? In this programme you will study all facets of this dynamic field, from production to consumption, from an international perspective.

Creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and a global vision are vital to a flourishing arts and culture sector. These characteristics typify not only artists; they are also increasingly important for those who are involved with arts and culture behind the scenes.

At Erasmus University, you are trained to envision new possibilities and establish new models for the organisation of arts and culture using cutting-edge insights on policy, marketing, audiences and education. Your thorough knowledge of the international world of the arts and culture sector provides an excellent gateway to positions such as policymaker, marketing and PR for arts or programmer at cultural institutions.


Why study a Master in Arts and Culture Studies in Rotterdam?

Studying arts and culture at Erasmus University Rotterdam means:

  • studying arts and culture from multiple angles (sociology, economy, policy making); 
  • looking at arts and culture in a local as well as global context;
  • getting prepared for a career in a dynamic, ever-changing sector as you are able to think innovatively and creatively;
  • you can analyse and conduct research;
  • studying at one of the most international universities in the world, according to Times Higher Education;
  • studying in the vibrant and ever growing city of Rotterdam.

Career opportunities

The Master prepares you for a vital role in all areas of the arts and culture sector; from theatre to museums, to films and festivals, allowing you to take your degree not only across artistic fields, but around the globe. You don't sell the tickets, you run the show!

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Education objectives

You will acquire universally applicable, excellent skills related to the handling and interpretation of information. You will develop specific expertise regarding the socio-economics of the arts and culture, which will set you apart from other university graduates. You will develop a critical mindset and reflect on how to combine cultural and social values with running sustainable enterprises. You will also become better at communicating your original ideas.

Target audience

This programme is the right choice for you if you have a passion for art and culture and want to work behind the scenes in the cultural sector and possibly have a leading role in an organisation. During the Master's, you will build a thorough theoretical foundation in the fields of arts and culture studies, which will help you to understand art and culture on many different levels. After graduation, you can use your expertise to strengthen the cultural industry – whether this is as an educator, researcher, communication's specialist,  creative director or more.

Admission criteria

  • Bachelor degree in Cultural Studies
  • Other bachelor degrees (university level) with relevant experience in social sciences / economics and the cultural sector
  • Advanced English language skills (TOEFL 600 / 250 / 100 / OR IELTS 7.0)
  • Promising candidates who do not fulfil all admission requirements of the Cultural Economics & Entrepreneurship Master can take up our effective pre-master programme.


Do you think you meet the requirements? Please take a look at the faculty website for more detailed information on the application procedure, to make sure you know where and when to start your application.


Please see below for information about the specialisation within this Master Programme. Whether a specialisation is offered full-time or part-time, is indicated accordingly.

Master specialisation



Arts, Culture and Society Full-time Part-time
Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship Full-time Part-time