Master Arts and Culture Studies

Master programme
Arts and Culture Studies
(Government funded)
  1. Arts, Culture and Society
  2. Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship
  3. Place, Culture and Tourism
Title / Degree
Master of Arts (MA)
Faculty / Institute
Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication
Type of programme Full-time, part-time
Start of programme 1 September
Duration of programme 12 months (full-time), 24 months (part-time)
Number of credits
Language of instruction
Accreditation NVAO
Numerus fixus Not applicable
Decentral selection
Not applicable
Admission requirements
  • Specialisation Arts, Culture and Society: Training in arts and culture studies, combined with sociology or another relevant social science background such as political or organizational science, marketing, or didactics, at university level. 
  • Specialisation Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship: Training in economics at university level.
  • Specialisation Place, Culture and Tourism: Training in  arts and culture studies, sociology or another relevant social science background, such as cultural economies, political or organizational science, marketing or didactics, at university level.
  • Sufficient English language skills
  • Pre-master
Application deadline(s)
  1. specialisation Arts, Culture and Society: 15 May (EU/EEA), 15 April (Non EU/EEA)
  2. specialisation Cultural Economics: 15 May (EU/EEA), 15 April (Non EU/EEA)
  3. specialisation Place, Culture and Tourism: 15 May (EU/EEA), 15 April (Non EU/EEA)
Tuition fee 2018/2019 € 2.060 (EU/EEA)*, € 10.900 (Non EU/EEA), tuition fees may deviate.
Tuition fee 2017/2018 € 2.006 (EU/EEA)*, € 10.800 (Non EU/EEA), tuition fees may deviate.
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* The said tuition fees are subject to change. Prior to the start of the academic year, tuition fees may be modified by Dutch government. Erasmus University Rotterdam reserves the right to make changes affecting policies, fees, curricula, or any other matter announced in this publication without further notice.