Master Econometrics and Management Science

Quench your thirst for the mathematical side of everything.

The Econometrics programme brings you:

  • advanced knowledge of econometric theory and quantitative methods to perform econometric analyses;
  • the ability to apply econometric techniques to complex real-world problems (including execution and/or implementation in computer programmes).

Erasmus School of Economics offers you:

  • lecturers with close connections to various companies and academia; 
  • an application-based programme, partly brought by the renowned Econometric Institute;  
  • high-quality academic training in an international classroom.

Since more and more economic decisions require quantitative support this specialisation comes with excellent career prospects. The benefits of this programme, rooted in in the combination of economic knowledge and strong quantitative skills, will most likely lead you to a successful academic career of your choosing, no matter what sector appeals to you most.

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