Financial Economics

Master in Economics and Business

Challenge yourself and all of your preconceptions while navigating the complex world of finance

Does the world of finance attract you like no other? Do you aim for a career in which you address challenges, such as private equity, corporate governance and asset management? The Financial Economics specialisation covers it all.

In one of the three tracks - Corporate Finance, Investments or International Finance - you will acquire deep and systematic knowledge of the driving force behind companies, markets and economies. You learn to analyse and explain complex financial and business problems, including setting up and executing a scientifically sound research project based on a financial problem of your own choice. In the process, you learn how to effectively communicate and be critical, self-directed and original in your approach.

Erasmus School of Economics: international, well-connected, experience-based

This Financial Economics programme attracts students from around the world for a great number of reasons. Which ones triggers you the most? Is it our renowned experience-based teaching methods? Our close connections to the international business world? Or maybe the fascinating guest lectures, company and study trips?


Where do you want your knowledge and skills to take you? Be it in the Netherlands or internationally, the formidable reputation of the Financial Economics specialisation here will open doors for you everywhere, for instance at:

  • multinationals
  • banks
  • private equity houses
  • insurance companies
  • asset management institutions
  • government institutions, such as central banks or treasury departments

"This programme is both challenging and rewarding"

Are you highly motivated to be trained in financial economics? Do you have sufficient prior knowledge of economics and finance and mathematical skills? Then this specialisation brings the challenges you seek with the best advanced education. Meet our students and find out more.