Health Economics

Master in Economics and Business

Your path to contribute to effective solutions in health care

Are you intrigued by topics like health insurance, costs, benefits and reforms and health disparities? Does contributing to economic solutions in this atypical sector sound like the challenge to you? The Health Economics programme provides you with the concepts and quantitative skills needed to face the health sector challenges of the 21st century.

This programme teaches you to apply economic knowledge and econometric analysis to pressing issues in health care. You will address problems caused by rising costs, population aging and rapid advances in medical technology. All this, in a sector with atypical agents (after all, doctors do not maximise profits) where even the value of its main asset, health, is subject of debate.

Get educated by the best in Rotterdam

Health Economics? Then Rotterdam is where you should be. As global frontrunners in research and training our researchers frequently publish in top journals in the field and are regularly consulted by international bodies from all over the world. It’s these researchers of the Health Economics Group of Erasmus School of Economics and the Health Economics and Health Insurance groups of the Institute for Health Policy and Management who will shape your education.


The Master specialisation in Health Economics at Erasmus School of Economics has an outstanding reputation in the health business community. It has everything to prepare you for a bright future as a health economist at i.a.:

  • consulting firms (e.g., KPMG, IMS Health, SiRM)
  • the pharmaceutical industry (e.g., Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Kline)
  • health insurance companies (e.g., Achmea, Delta Lloyd)
  • academia (e.g., EUR, University of Birmingham)
  • international organisations (e.g., WHO, World Bank)
  • regional health authorities and government institutions (e.g., RIVM, Ministry of Health)
  • hospitals (e.g., Erasmus MC)

"Addressing topical healthcare issues is inspirational in and of itself"

Far from an average sector, complex and far-reaching economic issues and as topical as science gets: Health Economics is truly unique. Do you want to combine quantitative skills with economics in this sector? Meet your fellow students!