Global Business and Sustainability

Master of Science (MSc) in Global Business & Sustainability

A Master in Sustainable Business: The MSc Global Business & Sustainability is a world leading programme dealing with the complex sustainability challenges faced by business in an integrated manner.

In the face of a multi-faceted sustainability crisis this programme educates students with the skills and in-depth knowledge necessary to become innovative business leaders finding opportunity through providing societal solutions.

Through extensive interaction with business, our students think critically and constructively about international corporate strategies, sustainable business models, corporate governance, and stakeholder relationships.

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University is ranked as a top tier player by the Financial Times European Masters in Management list. It has the widest selection of one-year MSc programmes in the Netherlands and is located in a city with a truly international flavour.

Why study a Master in Global Business & Sustainability in Rotterdam?

We offer:

  • A ground breaking master programme which examines critical aspects of the sustainability challenges facing business.
  • Teaching of cutting-edge of advancements in sustainable business and underlying theory of leadership, issues management, corporate integrity and responsibility.
  • Skills and expertise for a meaningful international career in either the business, governmental or non-profit sectors.

Career opportunities

Graduates of this programme possess the analytical, interdisciplinary and problem solving skills that are in high demand, from the largest global corporations to governmental and non-governmental organisations. Positions held by recent graduates include: business analyst, management consultant, portfolio manager, organisational development advisor, entrepreneur, corporate communications manager, policymaker and non-profit manager.

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Education objectives

You will:

  • understand the societal dimension of business operations;
  • learn how businesses can contribute to society through interaction with both public and private stakeholders;
  • learn through case studies, internships and research;
  • gain extensive skills to become a business, academic or government leader;

and earn an MSc in Global Business & Sustainability.


  • Sustainability Leadership & Planetary Boundaries
  • Global Business Strategies
  • Research methodology
  • Sustainability and behavioural ethics
  • Personal Narrative, Communication and Career
  • Sustainability grand challenges
  • Managing NGO's
  • Corporations and Justice
  • Climate Change Strategy Role-play
  • GBS Research Project
  • Sustainable business models
  • Social Venture Creation
  • Cradle to cradle & circular economy

In addition to lectures, you will work in small groups on business cases and assignments. Many of the exercises are carried out in teams. Skills training, presentations, visiting lecturers and practitioners are all part of the curriculum. In order to graduate you will be trained in analytical and research skills and must write an individual thesis on a topic of your choice.

Target audience

This one-year, full-time master programme is designed exclusively for elite young bachelor graduates who want to be part of the solution to today’s sustainability challenges facing business and society; a new generation of leaders with the capacity to think critically about business strategies and develop new sustainable business models for the future.

Admission criteria

  • Pre-determined undergraduate degree from a research university.
  • GMAT ≥600.
  • GPA equivalent to ≥7 out of 10 in the Dutch education system.
  • English language requirement (TOEFL / IELTS).

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You should apply directly to Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) through its online application system (OLAF). Please visit RSM’s admission pages for comprehensive instructions on how to proceed.

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