Organisational Change & Consulting

Waarom Master Organisational Change & Consulting studeren

Managers are experiencing growing demands to act as change agents as organisations adapt to cope with economic upheaval, and social and technological innovation. Downscoping, rightsizing and outsourcing means more professional knowledge workers are needed to help businesses maintain and improve their strategies and operations.

RSM’s MSc in Organisational Change and Consulting equips you with the knowledge, insights and skills to understand and produce lasting change.

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University is ranked as a top tier player by the Financial Times European Masters in Management list. It has the widest selection of one-year MSc programmes in the Netherlands and is located in a city with a truly international flavour.

We offer:

  • a knowledge-intensive, flexible and innovative master programme;
  • a highly stimulating and rewarding educational experience covering a broad range of theories based on organisational realities;
  • exposure to the business world through practical experience;
  • interactive classes in an international group of classmates;
  • an enthusiastic, world-class international teaching faculty

You will:

  • acquire the ability to improve and maintain the quality of changing strategies and operations;
  • gain understanding of how to effectuate lasting change in and of organisations;
  • develop interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills;
  • learn how to act as a change agent or become a knowledge professional.

...and gain an MSc in Organisational Change & Consulting.