Newsletter June 2017

Current facets (Pre-Master)

Dear colleague,


Just before the start of the holidays, we would like to review our recent activities. We will also take a look at our programme for the autumn.


We hope you have a wonderful summer and look forward to welcoming you at the new training sessions which will kick off in the autumn!



Digital skills



On 31 May, TOP visited an event organised by RSM Discovery: Who can beat the bots? During this event, there was attention for how employees can stay relevant in a working environment which is rapidly undergoing digitisation. For TOP too, this is an important theme. 


We are offering a series of training sessions aimed at improving the digital skills of EUR staff:

Manage your inbox - 3 October 2017*

Outlook & OneNote - 7 November 2017*

PowerPoint - 16 November 2017*

Word - 16 November 2017*

Excel 2013 Basic - 8 March 2018

Excel 2013 for advanced users - 7 May 2018
*Please note these trainings are in Dutch. If you are interested in an English version please contact us.


Leiden University also has training sessions on this theme:

Academics and social media - 2 November 2017
Social media strategies for academics - 9 November 2017


In the future, we plan to expand this programme with a Practical digital skills session and training on Secure digital work. Which digital skills would you like to develop further? Let us know here.


New in the TOP programme


This spring, the first successful Coach skills training took place: participants gave the training an 8.4! The training is interesting for anyone who wants to learn how to stimulate, support and motivate other people. The training will be repeated on 19 September 2017.


Another new training in our programme is Managing professionals. On 12 May, the first edition of this three day training for new managers started. On 6 November, we are organising an English edition of the training. Register soon if you’re interested because there are only a few places left. 


Finally, at the start of this year, we organised the first Funding proposal writing training led by Veerle van Laere for a group of six researchers from different disciplines. We will be giving the training again on 31 October. Anyone wanting to learn how to write a good application for a subsidy is very welcome to enrol.






Intervision is a way of gaining insight, together with your colleagues, into questions and problems which you come across on the work floor. During intervision, participants bring a concrete situation from their working practice and ask each other questions under the leadership of an intervisor aimed at acquiring better insight into that situation and how to respond.


On 27 June, we are organising an intervision session on the theme Giving and receiving feedback. Because this is a trial, the cost of participating will only be €50 per participant. You can register using the registration form on our website.


If this meeting is successful, we may organise intervision sessions on other themes in the future. Let us know if there’s a theme you would like to have discussed.




On 8 June, the annual ESE-bility day took place. This year, TOP was involved in organising this event based on the theme of knowledge development and team building. During the ESE-bility day, workshops are organised for staff at Erasmus School of Economics. This year, around 150 people visited the event. An impression of the day can be found here.


We very much enjoyed being able to contribute to the programme and look back at a successful day. Would you like to organise an event related to training and development? TOP will be happy to brainstorm with you!





You can contact us via email ( or by phone (010 40 81 697). You can also drop by at the 6th floor of the Sanders building. 




 Miranda Smit                             Monique Goense

 Programmemanager                Programmecoordinator