Agenda academische plechtigheden

Dinsdag, 24 oktober 2017, 15:30

Promotie drs. N.J. Elbert (Erasmus MC)

Fetal and Infant Origins of Childhood Eczema, Allergic Sensitization and Allergy

Woensdag, 25 oktober 2017, 9:30

Promotie Z.A. Broere-Brown (Erasmus MC)

Fetal Sex Dependency in Pregnancy; Fetal and Maternal Outcomes The Generation R Study

Woensdag, 25 oktober 2017, 11:30

Promotie S.M. van Hooft MSc (ESHPM)

Between Expectations and Reality. Self-management support in nursing practice and nurse education

Woensdag, 25 oktober 2017, 13:30

Promotie S.T. Heijkoop (Erasmus MC)

Plan-of-the-Day Adaptive Radiotherapy for Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer

Woensdag, 25 oktober 2017, 15:30

Promotie T. Both MSc (Erasmus MC)

Beyond the Dryness of Sjögren's Syndrome

Donderdag, 26 oktober 2017, 11:30

Promotie G.M. Labuz MSc (Erasmus MC)

Ocular Straylight and Artificial Lenses

Donderdag, 26 oktober 2017, 13:30

Promotie W.J.A. van der Deijl (ESE)

The Measurement of Wellbeing in Economics: Philosophical Explorations

Donderdag, 26 oktober 2017, 15:30

Promotie J. Harambam MSc (ESSB)

'The Truth is Out There'. Conspiracy Culture in an Age of Epistemic Instability'

Vrijdag, 27 oktober 2017, 9:30

Promotie drs. R.S. Djamin (Erasmus MC)

The Effects of Long-term Macrolide Therapy in COPD Patients with Frequent Exacerbations

Vrijdag, 27 oktober 2017, 11:30

Promotie drs. P.T.P.W. Burgers (Erasmus MC)

Arthroplasty for Femoral Neck Fractures

Vrijdag, 27 oktober 2017, 13:30

Promotie M. van Lent MSc (ESE)

Essays on Intrinsic Motivation of Students and Workers

Vrijdag, 27 oktober 2017, 16:00

Oratie dr. N.J. Philipsen (ESL)

Shifts in private and public regulation: the example of work-related risks

Dinsdag, 31 oktober 2017, 11:30

Promotie H.S. Chan MSc (Erasmus MC)

213BI-DOTATATE for Targeted Alpha Therapy in Neuroendocrine Tumours

Dinsdag, 31 oktober 2017, 13:30

Promotie A.M. Arias Lorza (Erasmus MC)

Image Analysis of the Carotid Artery: A (Semi-) Automatic Approach

Dinsdag, 31 oktober 2017, 15:30

Promotie B.E. Carlier (Erasmus MC)

Health, Social Participation and Entering Paid Employment Among Unemployed Persons

Woensdag, 1 november 2017, 9:30

Promotie R. van Valen (Erasmus MC)

Getting Better: Nurse practitioner's research for quality improvement in cardiac surgery

Woensdag, 1 november 2017, 11:30

Promotie J. Liu (Erasmus MC)

Genetic Factors for Breast Cancer Susceptibility and Clinical Outcome

Woensdag, 1 november 2017, 13:30

Promotie M.E.E. Bröker (Erasmus MC)

Solid Benign Liver Tumors

Woensdag, 1 november 2017, 15:30

Promotie drs. N. van den Tempel (Erasmus MC)

Hyperthermia-Induced Degradation of BRCA2

Donderdag, 2 november 2017, 11:30

Promotie N. van Poecke M.A. (ESHCC)

Authenticity Revisited: The Production, Distribution, and Consumption of Independent Folk Music in the Netherlands (1993-present)

Donderdag, 2 november 2017, 15:30

Promotie E.A. Ontanu (ESL)

Cross-Border Debt Recovery in the EU. A Comparative and Empirical Study on the Use of the European Uniform Procedures

Vrijdag, 3 november 2017, 11:30

Promotie S. Jahfari (Erasmus MC)

Tick-Borne Diseases: Opening Pandora's Box

Vrijdag, 3 november 2017, 13:30

Promotie mr. W.A. Westenbroek (ESL)

Bestuurdersaansprakelijkheid in theorie. Over rechtsvorming en taal, onbehoorlijk bestuur, onrechtmatige daad en ernstig verwijt

Dinsdag, 7 november 2017, 13:30

Promotie E. Hajdarbegovic (Erasmus MC)

Exploring the Role of Atopy in Non-Atopic Diseases

Dinsdag, 7 november 2017, 15:30

Promotie B. de Goede MD (Erasmus MC)

Abdominal Wall Surgery

Donderdag, 9 november 2017, 9:30

Promotie A.W.M. van der Graaf (Erasmus MC)

MRI-Guided Non-Invasive Epicardial Mapping in Patients with Implanted Pacing Devices

Donderdag, 9 november 2017, 11:30

Promotie P. Bhagirath (Erasmus MC)

Design and Clinical Validation of Novel Imaging Stategies for Analysis of Arrhythmogenic Substrate

Donderdag, 9 november 2017, 13:30

Promotie S. Rezai (ESSB)

The Rise of the Second Generation. The role of social capital in the upward mobility of descendants of immigrants from Turkey and Morocco

Donderdag, 9 november 2017, 15:30

Promotie A.S. Waysdorf (ESHCC)

Placing Fandom; Film Tourism in Contemporary Fan Culture

Vrijdag, 10 november 2017, 9:30

Promotie R.S. Jacobs MSc

Playing to Win Over. Validating Persuasive Games

Vrijdag, 10 november 2017, 11:30

Promotie drs. M. van Kranenburg (Erasmus MC)

Application of Quantitative MRI Techniques in Ischemic and Congenital Heart Disease

Vrijdag, 10 november 2017, 16:00

Afscheidscollege Prof.dr. K. van Paridon

Naar een inclusievere toekomst. Over de delicate balans tussen economische verandering en maatschappelijke stabiliteit in tijden van globalisering

Dinsdag, 14 november 2017, 13:30

Promotie J. Li (Erasmus MC)

Viral Infection and Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Dinsdag, 14 november 2017, 15:30

Promotie B.J. Ebbink (Erasmus MC)

Long-Term Neuropsychologic Outcome in Children Diagnosed with a Lysosomal Storage Disease

Woensdag, 15 november 2017, 9:30

Promotie B.Dedeoglu (Erasmus MC)

Clinical Aspects of T Cell Ageing in End-Stage Renal Disease Patients

Woensdag, 15 november 2017, 11:30

Promotie H. van Eeren (Erasmus MC)

Evaluating the Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Youth Care using Routinely Collected Clinical Practice Data

Woensdag, 15 november 2017, 15:30

Promotie S. Moreira Da Silva Santos (Erasmus MC)

Maternal and Infant Adiposity: Metabolic Health Related Consequences

Donderdag, 16 november 2017, 11:30

Promotie M. de Bruijn-Smolders (ESSB)

Self-Regulated Learning and Academic Performance: A study among freshmen

Vrijdag, 17 november 2017, 11:30

Promotie drs. P. Didden (Erasmus MC)

New Clinical Insights into Stents for Malignant Upper Gastrointestinal Disease

Vrijdag, 17 november 2017, 13:30

Promotie drs. Z.S. Lalmahomed (Erasmus MC)

Colorectal Cancer and Liver Metastases; determinants of outcome