PhD Candidate Shirley Nieuwland published in Current Issues in Tourism

Portrait Shirley Nieuwland (Square)

PhD candidate Shirley Nieuwland recently had her first academic publication in Current Issues in Tourism on the topic of regulating Airbnb. Not only is Nieuwland a PhD candidate for the university, she is also an alumni of the BA Arts and Culture Studies.

Home-sharing platforms such as Airbnb have become increasingly more popular. It allows for tourists to have authentic, off-the-beaten-track experiences in neighbourhoods previously unvisited. However, platforms such as Airbnb can be distruptive to the traditional lodging industries. Local governments worldwide are struggling to regulate these short-term rentals and their negative externalities. This research in particular compared 11 European and American policies, and then focused on Denver in order to see how it regulates the impact of Airbnb.

The Article

The publication called: “Regulating Airbnb: how cities deal with perceived negative externalities of short-term rentals” was based on Nieuwland's master thesis and talks about how cities are dealing with short term rentals by balancing the increased pressure of tourism with the positive impacts it can generate, as well as how to regulate these accordingly. 


Read the full publication here.

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