Research lab

Research lab

Always wanted to know what it is like to interact in a research group and engage with a mind-boggling research topic of your choice; in close cooperation with a professor produce a research proposal; research, write and publish an article in a peer-reviewed academic journal and get cited by other academics and appear in rankings and in SSRN? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE

Tempted to pursue research but in doubt about whether this is the way forward for you? Staff members of Erasmus School of Law (ESL) are convinced that research is the way forward and we would like to involve you. This is why we decided to enable qualified Master students to participate in the Research Lab. In the Research Lab students engage in researching topics of their choice that are related to our own research interests. The later implies that your research has to fit one of the Research Programmes or sub-Programmes of ESL. The Research Lab is part of the Erasmus Graduate School’s training program for doctoral students and up to 5 Master students may participate in it.

What can you expect? To work closely with leading academics in your field of interest; to learn by doing, both from your peers and professors; to learn about your chosen research topic; and to improve your research and presentation skills. You will be working in a group consisting of a maximum of 15 students (including PhDs and master students) and with an individual supervisor appointed from the staff of ESL. The supervisor will be an expert in your field of study.

The research proposal that you develop during the Research Lab may used to apply for funding in the ESL open round or external sources of funding. Moreover, the best ideas may lead to a publication in Erasmus Law Review (ELR) ( Successful participation in the Research Lab entitles you to 10 ECTS, 5 of which may be used to fill in the free elective course (vrije keuzevak) in the Master. The other 5 ECTS are in addition to those required for your master degree. The Research Lab will run during the whole academic year 2015-2016.

What do we expect? Motivated, creative and analytical thinkers, who have obtained an average grade of 7 or more during their studies and who wish to engage in academic research. Classes are in English. Research proposals must be written in English.

Who can apply? Master students. You do not need to follow any particular master programme in order to participate in this Research Lab.

Sessions will be held roughly every other week for three hours on Fridays and occasionally on a different day. Classes will focus on the methodological aspects research, on the presentation of your research and the peer review of that research. In addition, several guest speakers will be invited.
Prof. Dr. Ellen Hey and Prof. Dr. Sanne Taekema will act as the coordinators for the Research Lab. Staff members of ESL will act as individual supervisors of participants and some will participate in the course.

INTERESTED: Please submit applications for participation in the Research Lab to Prof. Dr. Ellen Hey and Prof. Dr. Sanne Taekema by 15 September 2016 at Applications should consist of a CV, list of grades, proposed research topic and a letter of motivation. WE WILL SELECT STUDENTS AND WILL BE ADMITTING 5 MASTER STUDENTS AT MOST, AN INTERVIEW WILL BE PART OF THE SELECTION PROCEDURE. 

Interviews will be held on 26 September 2016.

The first session of the Research Lab will take place on 7 October 2016 from 13.00 and 16.00 hours.