Vacancy editor-in-chief of the Erasmus Student Journal of Philosophy

The editorial board of the Erasmus Student Journal of Philosophy (ESJP) is looking for a new editor-in-chief starting for the fall issue of this year (edition 13). ESJP is a double-blind peer-reviewed student journal that publishes the best philosophical papers written by students at the Faculty of Philosophy and the Erasmus University College. The journal aims to further enrich the philosophical environment in which Rotterdam’s philosophy students develop their thinking and bring their best work to the attention of a wider intellectual audience. New editions of ESJP appear every July and December.

We are ideally looking for candidates with previous editorial experience. You will lead a team of ten editors from the BA Philosophy, Double Degree, BA Liberal Arts and Sciences, MA Philosophy, and Research Master Philosophy & Economics. The editorial board consists of a mix of Dutch and international students, which means that candidates should have an excellent command of English. Although the majority of the articles we publish are in English, some articles are in Dutch. Proficiency in Dutch hence is an advantage, but not required. You will find a list of the responsibilities of the editor-in-chief (as well as other roles in the journal) below this email.

If you are interested in becoming the next editor-in-chief of ESJP, please send an email to before Friday the 31st of March, including a letter of motivation (about one single-spaced A4), and a resume. Interviews will take place during the second week of April. You will start your work as editor-in-chief on Friday the 30th of June this year. More information about ESJP can be found on the website of the journal

Responsibilities of the editor-in-chief:
(a) Preparing meetings of the editorial board and chairing them. There are generally two meetings per semester: an evaluation meeting and a paper selection meeting
(b) Coordinating the editorial process, which consists of:
(i) making a planning
(ii) selecting lead editors (who lead a team of editors working on a submission)
(iii) dividing articles amongst editors
(iv) ensuring everyone sticks to the deadlines in the planning
(c) Writing "In this Issue" and "Editorial" for each issue
(d) Presenting the journal to the dean of the faculty during the end of semester drinks
(e) Keeping in touch with the advisory and supervisory board about the future of the ESJP
(f) Editing at least one paper per issue

Responsibilities of the secretary:
(g) Taking care of the printing and online publication of the journal (if necessary, in cooperation with an editorial board member)
(h) Writing press releases when a new edition is published
(i) Editing at least one paper per issue

Responsibilities of the editorial board:
(j) Promoting the journal (e.g. during classes)
(k) Composing the jury of the Bayle Bokaal
(l) Editing at least two papers per issue
(m) Formatting the journal in InDesign

Responsibilities shared by the editor-in-chief, secretary and editorial board:
(n) Asking faculty to nominate articles (the secretary sends out email and reminder, members of the editorial board - including editor-in-chief and secretary - pass by the offices of faculty members)
(o) Asking faculty to write external reviews (the editorial board decides on whom to ask, the secretary sends out emails)

Responsibilities shared by editor-in-chief and advisory board:
(p) Selecting and interviewing new editors, and training them if necessary
​(q) Ensuring the continuity of the journal (e.g. by coordinating the selection of the new editor-in-chief and secretary)