Erasmus Graduate School of Law

Workshop Integration of Online Presence in the Development of Academic Careers”

16 and 17 March 2017 | Workshop Integration of Online

March 16th and 17th, 2017, the PhD researchers take part in a workshop on the “Integration of Online Presence in the Development of Academic Careers”, thanks to the funding received from the EGSL Call for Ideas 2016 award, and the efforts of Ms. Marta Kolacz and Mr. Alberto Quintavalla.

The extensive 8-hour training provided participants with knowledge on website hosting, domains, WordPress installation, usage of templates, media library management, website structure and pages development, website publication, updates, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website content creation with SEO. The workshop has provided the participants with the full skillset necessary for each researcher to be able to create their own personal website.

The workshop has certainly met the expectations and the purpose it was set and designed for. The PhD researchers have both received instruction and training on how to prepare a personal website, and have further developed their self-promoting skills, so advancing their consequent employability and personal and professional branding competences.