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Erasmus University Rotterdam: make it happen.

Erasmus University. Make it happen.

Do you want to invent new economic models to predict a next crisis? To improve health care in Africa? Whether you have new ideas for creative industries or you strive to start your own company in the legal business: Erasmus University Rotterdam will help you fulfill your ambitions. Make it happen.

Skyline of the city of Rotterdam

Rotterdam: Make it happen

Rotterdam. Make it happen.

The City of Rotterdam, Port of Rotterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Rotterdam Partners join forces to reinforce the image of Rotterdam in the Netherlands and abroad "As a pioneering metropolis, we want to continue to increase the appeal of Rotterdam."

Student life

Student life

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Erasmus University Rotterdam offers everything you need right on campus. In the multicultural classroom, you attend lectures given by an Italian professor and your fellow students come from countries like China and Brazil. Organisations and companies all over the world are interested in Rotterdam alumni. International rankings show that Erasmus University is among the world’s high end players. Would you like to see more videos of Erasmus University Rotterdam, go to our YouTube-channel.