Strategy Consulting

Learn to think as the top strategy consultants and develop your skills in a real life strategy consulting project  

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Strategy Consulting



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Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University Rotterdam, Department of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

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Can I learn the approach of the world’s best strategy consulting firms? Is strategy consulting something for me? What is important to know when working with strategy consulting firms? To help you, this minor course provides you with a practical multi-level introduction to strategy consulting: developing strategy consulting skills, and understanding the consulting industry and firms. This minor combines classroom workshops and a real live field consulting project. In the workshops you will discuss real world strategy consultancy cases and other relevant topics. Moreover, you will work on consultancy case assignments (among others with guests from strategy consulting firms). In a real life field project you will work with a group of fellow students on an actual consultancy case for a client. Additionally, you will practice your consulting skills by performing a desk consulting project. This minor is relevant for you if you are considering a career in (strategy) consulting, but you will also benefit from your new knowledge and skills if you pursue other careers. 

Learning objectives:

After successfully completing this minor, you can:
  • Apply the methods and techniques of the world’s best strategy consulting firms
  • Assess and manage client-relationships
  • Assess strategies and business models of strategy consulting firms
  • Evaluate competitive developments in the strategy consulting industry
  • Reflect on a real life strategy consultancy experience
  • Identify the real question of the client
  • Structure and analyse complex strategic issues of clients
  • Develop and verify hypotheses about strategies
  • Collect data and use it to test hypotheses
  • Create recommendations with convincing argumentation

Specific characteristics:

The lecturers of this minor, Dr Marc Baaij and Jacomijn Klitsie MSc, have rich practical experience with strategy consulting. They have worked for leading strategy consulting firms, respectively, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Roland Berger Strategy Consulting. Currently they combine academic education and research with strategy consulting on the side. The lecturers will share their experience of real world strategy consulting to support you with your field project and help you develop the relevant knowledge and skills. You do not need prior knowledge of strategy consulting or strategic management to participate in this minor.  


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Overview modules:

Module 1: Understanding the Strategy Consulting industry and firms

  • ECTS:

  • Content:

    This module provides a multi-level introduction to strategy consulting.
  • Teaching


    Workshops by RSM lecturers and by strategy consulting firms, case discussions, presentations, and small group-based assignments  
  • Contact


    9 (3 workshops)
  • Offered by:

    RSM, Erasmus University; Department of Strategic Management and Business Environment
  • The strategy consulting phenomenon: You will learn: (1) what strategy consulting is, (2) the origin and development of strategy consulting, and (3) the reasons why clients hire strategy consultants, as well as the impact of strategy consulting.
  • The strategy consulting industry: You will get an overview of the industry landscape. You will learn about new developments of the competitive landscape, including the ongoing disruption by new business models. You will also explore the relationships between strategy consulting and macro-economic and geo-political developments.
  • The strategy consulting firms: You will get in-depth insight in the value-adding and support activities and the leadership of strategy consulting firms. In particular we shall pay attention to recruitment and career development in strategy consulting. 
  • Teaching


    Baaij, M.G. (2014). An introduction to management consultancy. SAGE: London. ISBN: 9781446256138.  Additional journal articles and case studies.

Module 2: developing strategy consulting skills (incl. 2 consulting projects)

  • ECTS:

  • Content:

    This module provides a step-by-step introduction to the approach of the world’s best strategy consulting firms. You will get a great learning opportunity to experience the real world challenges of strategy consulting! In a series of (guest) workshops, you will learn the methods and techniques of the top firms: from identifying and analysing the client’s real strategic issue to presenting and defending your advice to the client and other stakeholders. We show you how to integrate the best practices of strategy consulting with the most recent insights from academic research. We will illustrate this with real world cases and provide you with challenging assignments to practice your skills. As such, this module is built on three pillars:
  1. The workshops for this minor will be interactive. Practice cases will be presented to students, who are then asked to present their approach and solutions. The lecturers will provide feedback, facilitating experiential learning.
  2. During the minor, you will –in groups of 4 students- conduct a live consultancy field project for a real client. During this project, the lecturers will coach you in a small-scale setting. In a series of coaching sessions we guide you, provide feedback, and function as soundboard. At the end of the project you will present your recommendations to a panel consisting of a strategy consultant and a lecturer.
  3. Finally to demonstrate your newly developed skills, you will complete an individual desk research-based consulting project. Again we will guide you with feedback and act as sounding board.
  • Teaching methods:

    Experiential group-based learning (field consulting project),


    desk consulting project,

    case studies, personal coaching, presentations, discussions and reflection. 
  • Contact hours:

    27 (9 workshops)
  • Programme offering the module:

    RSM, Erasmus University; Department of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Teaching materials:

    Baaij, M.G. (2014). An introduction to management consultancy. SAGE: London. ISBN: 9781446256138. 


Method of examination & composition of final grade:

  • Individual desk consulting project (60 % of your final grade)
  • Group field consulting project (30 % of your final grade)
  • Group casework (10 % of your final grade)


You will receive feedback on both your individual and your group projects. Everybody will receive written feedback. In the workshops and panel we provide additional feedback on a face-to-face basis.

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Jacomijn Klitsie Email: