How to prepare

Welcome new employee, guest, visitor, PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam!

Preparation for your travel to the Netherlands can be brief or long depending on the duration of your stay. The information on this website offers you assistance with your preparations. You can find a checklist, which will gain insight in which procedures you’ll have to complete and which documents you may need to bring. EUR will help you applying for a visa if staying in the Netherlands over three months.

It may also help to download the app 'Welcome2NLResearch' from the App Store and Google Play. The app generates a tailor-made list of the various arrangements to be made before or after your arrival in the Netherlands. It also generates a checklist of the various documents needed for the necessary formalities.

During your preparation you could use the pre-departure checklist of EURAXESS or Just-landed.

It might also be useful to download and read the Beginner’s Guide to Dutch Academia, an excellent guide recently published by the Young Academy, an independent part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. It describes amongst others the Dutch work environment, labour conditions, and the structure of Dutch Higher Education.