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Is your partner (considering) coming to Erasmus University Rotterdam, and are you (considering) joining the love of your life? Are you now trying to avoid career setbacks by looking into career possibilities in The Netherlands, but finding it difficult to know exactly where to start?

You have come to the right webpage. Welcome!

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is proud to be an excellent university, host to many international academic talents, and offering various support services to make them feel at home here. That includes family members as well, as moving to another country, culture, and a new societal setting is not easy at all. And we wish you to enjoy this time at EUR.

We have set up a Dual Career Programme (DCP) that is executed in close cooperation with nearby universities of Leiden and Delft. The DCP aims to facilitate partners and spouses of our international employees in their search for a job on the Dutch labour market.

Content of the programme     

The programme in three steps comes with a personalized approach, as each individual will have unique needs. It is the intention that (with personal guidance, information, and training) the participant him/herself succeeds in finding a job.

The three steps

  • In this orientation phase you will start getting acquainted with your career counselor. Our career counselors are professionals, who have had extensive training and are specialized in career development areas.  In exceptional cases we could offer support over phone and via Skype if you are unable to meet with us in person. We prefer, however, to meet you in person.

    At the start of the first meeting in person, the career counselor will have read your request to participate and your curriculum vitae. The DCP steps will be explained to you and you will be asked to sign your participation agreement. 

    You will have some (confidential) meetings in which you then together explore who you are, what you want, what blind spots you may have with regard to the Dutch labour market and/or necessary competencies, and draft a plan how to proceed. And do not forget to explore if your entrepreneurial spirit would allow for starting up your own business.  In that case the Dutch Chamber of Commerce can provide information on how to get a good grasp of the local laws and regulations before getting started. Recently a very instructive webinar was published about starting your own business, in four parts of some 15 minutes each.

    The following activities take place:

    • Intake and follow-up interview with career counselor, including a personal action plan.
    • Draw up a personal profile
  • In the second phase you will participate in trainings that enhance your knowledge and confidence to enter the Dutch job market. They may range from taking a course in Dutch (advisable!) or English, to special video-aided trainings in doing job interviews. You can get feedback on your cover letter and CV, as well as your LinkedIn profile. You can learn which different elements to highlight when applying for a job in the academic area, public sector or private field. And the power of networking is never to be underestimated. 

    In short: learn to highlight why you are a perfect match for the job, whether it is advertised or not.

  • Erasmus University together with TU Delft and Leiden University aims to bridge the gap to the Dutch labour market. By networking, offering lectures, creating work experience places and internships we try to interest companies in the region for partners of our international staff. 

    The program offers guidance in finding a job, but offers no guarantee. The participant is and will remain responsible for his/her own career path.

When are you eligible for this Dual Career Programme?

You may qualify for participating in this DCP if:

  • you are an international yourself (i.e. non-Dutch),
  • your partner holds a payroll position for ≥ two years at EUR,
  • at the time of submitting your request for DCP support, your  partner has not been employed for more than 1 year yet. 

You want to sign up for the DCP?

To sign up for the Dual Career Programme please contact HR International Career Services via, stating 'DCP Interest' as topic, and giving some details about yourself and your spouse. You will be contacted within 5 working days.

Need more information on working in The Netherlands?

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