Microdata are the raw data which are the foundation of official statistics. The problem with Microdata is that they are not anonimized, so the data can be traced to individuals. This can cause problems due to privacy regulations. Still it is possible for researcher to make use of these raw data given certain conditions.

You as a researcher must make the arrangement with the provider of the Microdata but the EDSC will take care of the technical infrastructure: an office with a pc with remote access to the Microdata.

The Datalab, the office with the remote access pc, is located in Polak building 3.16. Through the agenda you can reserve parts of the day. We will contact you for the key of that office.
At present we only offer access to the Microdata of the CBS. If wanted we will do our best to offer a similar service for the Microdata of Eurostat in the near future.

Mind you, this services is for Erasmus University Rotterdam researchers with an agreement with the CBS  only!