The Erasmus Honours Programme 2012 consists of 3 units of eight weeks each, distributed over the period from January through July 2012. The work formats will be determined by the teachers in consultation with the students.
This is based on the following:

  • Every Monday evening, the teachers and students convene from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Students must always be present unless in the case of exceptional circumstances.
  • The subject matter is provided in the form of core literature; the student is expected to independently research other sources and develop his/her own vision.
  • The study load of each unit is 6 ECTS, i.e. 18 ECTS for the three units.
    The study load of the concluding EHP assignment is 2 ECTS.
    Please note: this is supplementary to the regular study you are completing.
  • Each unit is assessed separately and concluded with an assignment based on the student’s independent diligence.
  • Rules and Guidelines regarding the Honours Programme are recorded in a covenant.
  • Unit 1 includes a writing practicum.
  • Various excursions will be organised within the programme.

Confirmed speakers

Dr. André Uitterlinden (Erasmus MC)
Prof. dr. Wiep van Bunge (History of Philosophy & Dean FW (Rotterdam School of Philosophy)
Prof. dr. Dick Houtman, (Cultural Sociology ESSB - EUR)
Prof. dr. Arjo Klamer (Economy of Art & Culture (ESHCCS - EUR)
Prof. dr. Slawek Magala (Organisation and Personnel Managament - RSM)
Prof. dr. Jos de Mul (Philosophical Anthropology – FW EUR)
Prof. dr. Rolf Zwaan (Psychology ESSB - EUR)
Dr. Stef Aupers (Cultural Sociology ESSB - EUR)