Prospective CSC PhD candidates

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Information about the CSC scholarship

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) is a Chinese governmental organization that grants scholarships for Chinese students that go abroad each year. This includes Chinese students who want to apply for a PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

For successful applicants, Erasmus University will cover their full tuition fees and research fees. CSC will consider their application for a living allowance as prescribed from time to time by the Chinese Government (which include health insurance), a return international airfare to the Netherlands by the most economical route, and visa application fees. 

The funding for each awardee will be up to 48 months, with a grant of €1.350,- per month. 

Applying for a PhD position with a CSC Scholarship

Selection procedure

1. The proposal descriptions 2019 can be found here: CSC PhD Proposal 2020 (link will be announced soon)

2. When you have found an interesting project, please contact EUR Beijing office ( for an assessment by submitting the following required documents (application deadline is March 10, 2020):

  1. CV / Resume (including your latest profile photo)
  2. Passport or Chinese ID
  3. Knowledge of English (IELTS or TOEFL)
  4. Bachelor degree and diploma + Notary certificates (公证处提供的公证件)
  5. Bachelor transcripts  + Notary certificate (公证处提供的公证件)
  6. Master degree and diploma + Notary certificates (公证处提供的公证件)
  7. Master transcripts + Notary certificate (公证处提供的公证件)
  8. Research Proposal (min. 1000 words) 

* For candidates who are currently in the last year of their master program:

6. Studying certificate in English, signed and sealed by your Chinese university
7. Up-to-date master transcripts in English, provided by your Chinese university


  1. Only the English test results, Master Degree and Diploma, and Master Transcripts may come on a later stage (but before Friday, March 10, 2020); all other above mentioned application materials must be submitted at once! 
  2. Please indicate clearly:
      • Topic/title of research project that you would like to apply for
      • Name & email of the full time professor (your promotor) and name & email of co-promotor
        a) Required document format: color scan into one file in PDF format (photos will not be accepted)
        b) Each applicant is required to submit a research proposal (min. 1000 words) when applying for CSC scholarship which needs to be signed by the promoter (full time professor) at EUR. The proposal needs to contain the following: 

        i.    The title of the PhD research
        ii.    Description of the research 
        iii.    Previous research results of the candidate in China
        iv.    Goal and expectations regarding the research in abroad
        v.    Research methods
        vi.    Time table for the research
        vii.    Expected applicability of the research
  3. A sufficient English level is an obligatory requirement for admission at EUR. Applicants will be notified by email after passing the assessment.
    - IELTS*: An academic average score of 7.0 is compulsory, minimal 6.0 for all sub-scores: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
    TOEFL: Score of 100 is compulsory, minimal 20 for the sub-scores Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
    - The language test results should not be older than two years. Exemption for English is only possible if the candidate is a native speaker of one of the following countries; UK, Australia, New-Zealand, USA, Canada (except for Quebec), USA, South-Africa or if one has had followed their education in one of the previously mentioned countries for at least 2,5 years. 

    Please also refer to the table below for English requirements.

    Table 1

    Admission office

    IELTS: 7.0

    (min. 6.0 for all subs.)

    TOEFL: 100

    (min. 20 for all subs.)


    Admission office

    English-speaking countries and NL

    Not required for Master student

    Not required for Master student



    Rotterdam School of Management

    IELTS: 7.5

    (min. 6.0 for all subs.)

    TOEFL: 100 (internet) or 600 (paper)

    GMAT-test or GRE-test: 85%

    Erasmus School of Economics

    IELTS: 7.5

    (min. 6.0 for all subs.)

    TOEFL: 100

    (min. 20 for all subs.)

    GMAT: 680 or GRE-test: top 15%

    Erasmus School of Social and Behaviorural Sciences

    IELTS: 7.5

    (min. 6.0 for all subs.)

    TOEFL: 100

    (min. 20 for all subs.)

    *If the faculty does not have special English requirements, general requirement from Admission Office is applied.

  4. If your application has been approved and is qualified, the respective supervisor will receive your profile and schedule an interview to assess your professional skills.
  5. When you are accepted by the supervisor, the EUCC will help them prepare the Acceptance Letter (Deadline: Friday March 20, 2020)
  6. Candidates who have received the Acceptance Letter should apply for the CSC scholarship by themselves and in time. Submit your application on the CSC website ( between March 10 and March 31, 2020 (subject to change based on CSC announcement). The result will be published by the end of May 2020.
  7. It will not be a problem for the student to get a non-submitted project, which is discussed between prospective professor and applicant. It is possible for professor to have more than one PhD candidate.

Important dates 

Late October, 2019CSC will publish the PhD programs 2019 on their website
March 10th, 2020Application Deadline (submit the application profile to
March 20th, 2020Deadline for receiving the Acceptance Letter from the EUR
March 10 - March 31, 2020 (subject to change based on CSC announcementApplication submission on the CSC website
End of May, 2020Result grant

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For applicants

For professors

Contact information

Ms. Selano Li (for initial questions and assessments)

Main Representative in China
Erasmus University China Center (Beijing Office)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Room 518, Sunjoy Mansion Annex Building
No 6 Ritan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100020
T: +86 (10) 85306771

Mrs. Weichia Tseng

Managing Director, Erasmus University China Center (EUCC)


Additional guidelines

Seven steps for PhD admission at Erasmus University Rotterdam (general guidelines for all PhD applicants):

1. Do you have the right credentials to enter a PhD in your own country?

The standard for admissions is : a four year Bachelor degree + a two/three year Master degree; which will lead to a full 4 year PhD research in the Netherlands.

  • Scenario 1a: a combined Bachelor/Master degree being a 6 years programme
  • Scenario 1b: a joined study of Bachelor and Doctoral Degree including a 4-year Bachelor degree plus a combined Master/PhD program of which at least 2 years have been completed; you need to provide us with an official statement of your university that you have finished the master part of the combined program;
  • Scenario 1c: student, after having obtained a bachelor degree and is expected to finish the Master program within one year, may start a PhD application and ask for a preliminary admittance; a full 4 years in the Netherlands.

2. There must be relevancy in subject/major between Bachelor & Master programs to be considered for the PhD in the Netherlands. This can also be highlighted in a strong motivational letter explaining the reasoning.

3. Compulsory documents for Bachelor Diploma:

Graduation Certificate + Degree Certificate + List of Marks + Notary document* + CDGDC Certificate

4. Compulsory documents for Master Diploma:

Graduation Certificate + Degree Certificate + List of Marks + Notary document* + CDGDC Certificate (if available)

5. Application involves a preliminary evaluation by the EUR

Selection procedure done by Erasmus University China Center (Beijing Office).

6. Interview with promoter/staff will be followed by their decision

If positive, upon arrival the PhD student registers in Hora Est (PhD database) and delivers his/her formal application package (Request for Admission + documents) with Admissions Office.  

*Notary document is legalization/certification of Chinese documents including translations provided by local notary office.