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Literature on a particular topic

When you need to find literature on a particular topic, these databases are recommended:

Communication Source

Comprehensive communications database, developed from a merger of Communication and Mass Media Complete (CMMC) and Communications Abstracts.
This resource offers worldwide full-text content pertaining to communication, linguistics, rhetoric and discourse, speech-language pathology, media studies and related fields. 

Arts and Humanities Citation Index

(Part of Web of Science) An international interdisciplinary index to the literature of the arts, humanities, language (including linguistics) and media.


Bibliographical database for psychology and related fields.

Sociological Abstracts

Core resource for researchers, professionals, and students in sociology and related disciplines.

Social Science Citation Index

(Part of Web of Science) An international interdisciplinary index to articles related to the Social Sciences.

Human Rights Documents Online

The largest online database on international human rights issues available.

Palgrave Connect – Media & Culture

E-book collection on Media & Culture (limited access).


Integrated catalogue of Dutch (scientific) libraries, combined with Online Contents (titles and reviews).

Background information, definitions etc.   

These online encyclopedias, dictionaries, general databases and newspapers are recommended:

International Encyclopedia of Communication

Entries ranging from extended explorations of major topics, to short definitions of key terms, in the field of communication studies.

Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Online

OED online is a guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of 600,000 words— past and present—from across the English-speaking world.

OED Historical Thesaurus

The Historical Thesaurus can be used in OED Online to navigate around the dictionary by topic, find related terms, and explore the lexical history of a concept or meaning.

Oxford Reference Online

 Multidisciplinary collection of over 130 integrated dictionaries and encyclopedias, plus thesauri and guides to English grammar and usage. Useful for short, referenced definitions.

International Encyclopedia of social and behavioral sciences 

(2nd edition)
Disciplines include Antropology, Economics, Education, History, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.

Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology

With over 1800 entries it provides clear, concise, expert definitions and explanations of the key concepts written by leading scholars in the field of sociology.

CIA World Factbook

Provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.


Large multidisciplinary database, a.o. relevant to Communications & Media studies.

Web of Science

Large multidisciplinary citation database.


Multidisciplinary full-text database, mainly aimed at arts & humanities.

Economic & Social Data Service

Key economic and social data, both quantitative and qualitative, spanning many disciplines and themes.


Contains business information and news from local and global newspapers – limited access.

LexisNexis Academic

This source enables simultaneous searching in Dutch or international newspapers.


(formerly known as PressDisplay)


Newspaper kiosk offering the complete pages, including images, of current issues of over 6000 newspapers and magazines from all over the globe. The archive goes back up to 90 days. Read more

Proquest Historical Newspapers

This digital archive of leading newspapers provides full-text and cover-to-cover coverage of the New York Times (1851-2007), Los Angeles Times (1881-1987) en Wall Street Journal (1889-1993) in pdf-format.


You can browse all e-journals in the A-to-Z list. The following list is an exemplary selection of recommended high quality journals. In addition to the UL collection of subscription journals, a selection of relevant Open Access (publically available) journals can be found in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), selection Communication and Media



Brings together research in film and media studies, architecture, art and design, visual culture and creative practice.

Communication Monographs

Covers areas such as media studies, interpersonal and relational communication, organizational and group communication, health and family communication, rhetoric, language and social interaction, intercultural communication and cultural studies.

Communication Research

Publishes articles that explore the processes, antecedents, and consequences of communication in a broad range of societal systems.            

Computer Animation & Virtual Worlds

Addresses the global thematic of the Virtual Worlds, subdivided into 6 areas: Computer animation, embodied agents, Virtual Environments, Augmented Reality, Virtual Life, Visualization.                                   


This interdisciplinary journal focuses on social science research about cyberspace. It brings psychosocial reflections of the impact of the Internet on people and society.

Human Communication Research

This journal works to advance understanding of human symbolic processes with a strong emphasis on theory-driven research, the development of new theoretical models in communication, and the development of innovative methods for observing and measuring communication behavior.

Journal of Communication

Concentrates on communication research, practice, policy, and theory, bringing to its readers the latest, broadest, and most important findings in the field of communication studies.

Journal of Computer Mediated Communication

Focuses on social science research on computer-mediated communication via the Internet, the World Wide Web, and wireless technologies.

Journalism & Communication Monographs

Presents in-depth, long-form research on specific, critical, and innovative topics within journalism and mass communication.

Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly

Features reports of original investigation, presenting the latest developments in theory and methodology of communication, international communication, journalism history, and social and legal problems.

New Media & Society

Publishes research from communication, media and cultural studies, as well as sociology, geography, anthropology, economics, the political and information sciences and the humanities.

Public Opinion Quarterly

Publishes theoretical contributions to opinion and communication research, analyses of current public opinion, and investigations of methodological issues involved in survey validity.



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