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A.M Carvalho, et al. (2014)Meat consumption in Sao Paulo - Brazil: Trend in the last decadeThe study characterizes trend in meat consumption, and verify the percentage of excessive red meat and processed meat consumption in the last decade in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The study recommends that public health strategies are needed for a healthy diet.
J. H. Lavin et al. (1997)The effect of sucrose- and aspartame- sweetened drinks on energy intake, hunger and food choice of female, moderately restrained eatersThe paper aims to compare the effects of aspartame-sweetened and sucrose-sweetened soft drinks on food intake and appetite ratings of female restrained eaters. Fourteen female students participate in the study. To conclude, the results suggest that in females with eating restraint, substituting sucrose-sweetened drinks for diet drinks does not reduce total energy intake and may even result in a higher intake during the subsequent day.